Do You Work Intelligently?

Does hard work, work? What is Intelligent work? Hard work only works when you apply it smart. I believe hard work is absolutely important. But, if you are not smart as to how you go about putting your effort, where, when, how often and how long, then you will never see the fruits of your labour. Mere hard work of slogging out at a job or a task, day in […]

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PowerToolz 5.1 is out

PowerToolz 5.1 has been released with official support for K2 Five (5.1). We have introduced a new feature allowing for PowerScript Execution through API. The API makes execution of PowerScripts, coder friendly. You can use this from a Visual Studio Test project and make PowerToolz Test Automation integrated as part of your Continuous Integration processes. The API is purpose built to facilitate developers to automate PowerToolz itself. jEyLaBs.PowerToolz.PowerTester.Client can be referenced […]

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Digital Workplace Conference is back to Melbourne

jEyLaBs is excited to be participating in the Digital Workplace Conference 2018 in Melbourne this August. We have been part of this conference since 2016. This year, We are a Silver Sponsor along with one of our key partner Theobald Software. This event provides a unique opportunity to participate in two days of unequalled learning: 1) Embrace New Ways of Working 2) Learn about Communicating, Collaborating and building a Productive […]

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How are you Innovating?

What can you do to move your business to a higher level? Is there anything you could do today with the current state of technology. Could application of smart technology at your workplace, Give you a competitive edge? Give you cost reductions? Give you risk reductions? Give you access to freed up resources? Give you back time? Give you peace of mind? Give you accelerated success? We know it can. […]

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Food for thought : Are you automating your Processes Intelligently?

Join our upcoming Lunch & Learn session with Nintex on June 13th in Melbourne. jeylabs has been heavily invested into the enterprise process automation market since our inception. We entered into a partnership with Nintex last year in Australia to take our business process optimisation offerings even further. Our teams of consultants have decades of Workflow, Forms and process automation expertise. We are now ushering in the next wave of […]

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Why seated massages are the best perk?

At jEyLaBs we offer weekly seated massages to our staff. Both our city offices and Bundoora LABS are visited by our corporate massage service provider MASSUGO. Why we offer this to our staff? Well, There are some serious benefits reported of regular 15 minute seated massages at work. Check these out. 1. Reduced stress levels Stress levels measured before and after each massage at some of the studies conducted by […]

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K2 has released K2 5.1 with new and improved functionality. The notables introduced in this version provide for rapid app development.

This version introduces K2 Apps that help users easily install and build fully-functional K2 applications fast. Now you can install a set of pre-built applications into your environment from a catalogue directly.

App Wizards can be used to generate customized applications from the provided templates to meet your needs.

The revolutionary HTML5 based Workflow Designer, which is our favourite, has been improved with more features. Now developers can configure processes easier and faster. Accidentally added or deleted configuration can be reverted as well.

Another key feature is the Warning Badges. These designer smarts will catch any infinite loop scenarios and detect recursions from happening during app deployment. Most design flaws can be picked up by this.

K2 Form Designer is also enhanced in this release. Server-Side Rule execution is now available. This improves the execution performance of your SmartForms significantly. This feature reduces the number of calls to the server and reduces the loading times. From a security stand point it also reduces potential attack surface size.

Number crunchers can rejoice. The ability to export the list view to an excel sheet is now an out-of-the-box feature.

This version also includes two new responsive themes.

From a security perspective, Property Encryption feature has been introduced to encrypt your property data that is saved in SmartBox based SmartObjects.

The Authorization Framework adds the ability to secure your K2 artefacts and prevent them from being edited by unauthorized users. It also allows you to secure your K2 apps in the production environment so that the deployed configuration can be kept intact.

We suggest you update your K2 environment with this release. If you need help with Regression testing or converting legacy workflows to the new K2 Five format, please checkout PowerToolz.