Is ERP still relevant?

Software is surely eating the world. SaaS startups are piece meal’ing one business problem at a time. This is certainly improving productivity of individuals and enabling small enterprises to become more efficient. But, are businesses setting themselves up to paying more in the long run? Cloud based applications to run businesses is the way toContinue reading “Is ERP still relevant?”

PowerToolz 5.5 is here

With the release of K2 Five 5.5, we have updated our PowerToolz suite of products to support the latest of K2 on-premise. PowerToolz suite of products – Analyser, Converter, Tester, Administrator and Transformer – all now support K2 Five 5.5 You can download the 5.5 release of our tools and use them in your updatedContinue reading “PowerToolz 5.5 is here”

Still on the fence about online?

With vaccination rates increasing and governments look to move away from zero cases and snap lockdowns, the re-opening to a new normal is in sight. Many will want to continue working from home in the new normal and the likely exclusion of the non-vaccinated from offices will further add to the uncertainly in work patterns.Continue reading “Still on the fence about online?”