Why should you pay for training?

Training is very important for anyone who is serious about their career in IT. Technology changes practically every other day and being good and staying good requires ongoing learning. Whether you are training for something very specific or as part of a larger learning program, it is important you train with the best. I was fortunate enough to have some great mentors and team members throughout my career. I also had some inspirational people around me through the memberships I have had at various coaching programs. I was able to connect with a lot of the participants and forge partnerships. These helped me learn well and learn fast.

I was part of the training delivery team for the consulting companies I worked for. Microsoft SharePoint and K2 were my focus areas and I have been delivering custom training programs for customers on these technologies for some years now. I had the chance to enhance both my consulting skills and training approach throughout these years. When I reflect on this journey, I would say the best training programs I did were all paid courses delivered by the best.

I still attend training programs as a paid participant in these technologies to ensure that I continue to train myself with the best in business. Unfortunately the best don’t come cheap. 🙂

The benefits I see from this approach to training is access to the collective knowledge of a lot of talented people. Let me explain. The best trainers are not alone. They are good. They are smart. They are also well connected. They belong to other networks. Their knowledge is shaped through the interactions, applications and innovations that come out of these tight-knit communities of expert learners and teachers. They also work hard. They sweat. They shed tears and they are passionate.
Find these people and pay to attend their courses.

Let me give you another tip. To get the most out of your IT training, ensure that you are continuing your learning after the official training course. Attending a training course doesn’t make you an expert. It is the ongoing connections that makes you motivated and passionate about your training. This is what does the magic of turning you into a shining star. You can start this process by joining interest groups and continue to attend networking events. With the internet, it is so easy to be connected to these useful groups. Join a select few groups. Participate in the discussions. To get trained in IT is to train with the best and stay connected with them.

I am also part of a select group of individuals called the K2 Insiders. I had to work so hard for years to earn this membership. These people are the most committed bunch of caring and sharing people I have come across. They are a global group and I often part-take in discussions past my bedtime from my bed thanks to my always-on iPhone. These interactions have improved many customers using SharePoint and K2 technology. I am honoured to be part of this group.

Whether you are learning a life skill, working on a particular goal or on your IT career, training should be done with the people who have done it in real life. Do not go for someone with all the certifications. Go with the person who has trained a lot of people and still practising what they preach out there in the field. Ask your trainer when was the last time they applied these techniques in real life? It is important that you choose your trainer wisely. Training is an investment of your time and money so that you can leverage it for the betterment of your own self in the upcoming months and years. If you can’t train with the best then do not train. Find the best. It is worth more than what you will ever end up paying for them.

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  1. An excellent article Jey and very timely. Training investment has suffered in recent years across many industries, wrongly. Some people ask us why they have to pay for Salem training and certification but we have found over and over again that people on free courses do not have the same investment and put in the same effort as those who invest in their education. People often also forget that the cost of training includes access to intellectual property. And you are absolutely correct about after training it is about continued learning and progressing. In some ways certification is only the beginning of the journey. At Salem we have a private student and members forum for alumni for this very reason. Always great to find an excellent article about training!

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