ERP Integrations can be easy

Companies that do not integrate their backend systems and front end apps run a number of risks – the most serious risk would be failing to get the full value out of their ERPs and other software investments.

Without the data that is captured and processes through these apps reaching the backend in real time, your complete view of a customer is not visible to you.

We see many customers running ERPs, wanting to integrate, but are discouraged by the cost, complexity and delays in getting the last mile integration properly completed.

Our partnership with leading ERP consultancies allows jeylabs to bring in pre-built Business Integrations to help solve this problem.

We have access to specialised skills and IP in SAP, NetSuite, IFS, Infor M3 and other ERPs.

Business integration apps can be built as web applications, directly installed on your intranet or client portals and then made available to users. The seamless integration of ERP processes in your front end apps bring you closer to an integrated and uniform business platform.

Any user without special ERP knowledge to perform complex processes directly. There is no need for training or special instruction courses to use the applications because operation is easy and intuitive.

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How fit is your software?

Any software you use helps you solve a set of problems. Your experience starts on a good note. However, over a period of time the experience gets degraded.

There are many reasons to this degrading quality:

1) Changes made creating unintentional side effects

2) Increased amounts of Data or Users

3) Congested Network

4) Ageing Hardware

5) Other software components getting degraded in their quality

6) Additional Security scanning introduced at the web server, OS or network level

7) Issues at the Client level – PC, browser, mobile, etc

8) Cyber attacks

Keeping your software fit is critical to your enterprise performance. With more and more users working remotely and relying on digital systems, any failure in critical software applications will have a catastrophic effect on your business.

Increasing dangers of cyber threats is a key reason for you to consider an up-to-date stack of software and hardware for your business.

How fit is your software? How are you making sure your software is fit for today and tomorrow. We are here to help. So, feel free to reach out for our assistance with assessing and improving the fitness of your business software. Email us at

Why do you need Formal Business Escalations?

Let’s say you are happily working your way through your day and just before that status update meeting you need to finish this last item. You are almost there… and you hit a snag! Recall that day?

You need help. You need it now. How do you get the attention right now?

You can get help formally if you have business escalations put in place.

Escalation is a management tool. It helps managers to help employees get things done. Escalation support also helps to avoid things that could slip through the cracks.

Escalation mechanisms are very handy when you are dealing with business processes.

Business processes typically have a lot of activities and tasks. Many different groups of people will be involved in executing tasks and there could be delegations, re-assignments, re-prioritising, suspension and cancellations of tasks. All these actions could affect future activities in the same or connected business process instances.

So it is very important to have escalations in place in your business processes so that if you hit a road block, you are covered for it. If you forget something, someone will remind you, until done.

It is your insurance policy that proactively works to reduce process accidents 🙂.

By defining escalations at various levels of your business process, (activity, task, group and user) you can have fine-grained support and control. IT support ticket systems have escalation processes for this reason.

Think about how you could build escalations inside your business processes. jeylabs developed SaaS solution, GetSignature, has auto-reminders in place by default. This is to ensure we get the electronic signatures form busy executives, on time. Learn more at