PowerToolz 3.6.9 is out

We added a new “favourites” feature to PowerToolz in this update. As a user you can add your favourite K2 objects to the favourite dropdown and access them vey quickly.
PowerToolz email notifications can now use our sendgrid service. This allows for a fall back when your own SMTP service is not available.

5 tips to thrive in a BYOA world


Love it or hate it, users are bringing cloud based apps on phones, tablets and laptops to their workplaces every day.

Remember back when Internet banking took off, employees used to checking balances, paying bills, etc on their work PCs. These days they are doing a lot more than banking with a ton of apps on their work devices.

These apps cover areas as varied as social communications, task management, photo/content editing, news, media, travel, games, sports, and so on. Cloud apps are utilised by corporate users at work time to be efficient with their day to day transactions.

These days, Most mobile device users have data plans they can utilise with whatever apps they have whenever and where ever, regardless of the actual network they are connected to. Even if they are on a company provided device and network, they will continue using their favourite apps. 4G data connections are fast enough and they don’t cost a fortune.

BYOA is the new norm and is now part of the popular work style. So, CIOs need to embrace BYOA to continue providing an effective technology environment to enhance user productivity.

But, Leaving things in the hands of knowledge workers is not an effective corporate strategy.

So, how do you thrive in this brave new world?

1. Accept the reality

Change is hard when you have to give up any level of control. This is the major concern for IT control towers. When it comes to users, applications cannot be absolutely controlled by anyone else anymore. Those days of a rigid standard operating environment are over.

Very rigid Controlling of computer users always end up giving rise to rogue application usage anyway. The best way to combat this problem is to accept the reality and work with it.

Once you accept the situation you are in, you become more open to finding creative ideas to combat the issues. Ensure your team is also onboard with this change of heart.

2. Setup an Apps registry

Allow users to enter and list their popular apps. Make sure you capture data as to why they like using them. This is the only way to know what apps are actually used by the user population. Not all apps can be detected by technology.

Periodically and Proactively survey your users. Frequently communicate the results of the survey and ensure their top 20 apps are tested and allowed in the network.

3. Setup a management layer

Ensure all devices have a management layer once they enter the corporate network. There are good choices for mobile device management systems in the market, so get one.

Ensure the relevant policies around using applications are understood by users and strictly enforced using technology. Anti-virus and Data Privacy are the top priorities here.

Auto Provisioning of corporate apps and remote wipe capabilities are great to have.

4. Monitor Apps usage

Ensure the apps usage is monitored so that your users are in compliant for licensing requirements. Ensure business editions of cloud apps are used where possible.

Patching and updating apps to latest versions is also a must.

The reason users love cloud apps is the freedom they have to pick and choose and to change their minds half way thorough. There will be new apps popping up and existing apps disappearing all the time.

Changes to mobile operating systems and new device releases do affect the Apps ecosystem. So, keep an ear out for these announcements.

Apps that drop out of popular usage needs to be migrated carefully to the next popular app. This is a dreaded challenge but cannot be ignored.

5. Give users a better way

Allow users to build their own applications. This is actually possible using platforms such as K2. Use the integration capabilities available across the popular cloud solutions to make these apps more appealing. You have full control over the platform and this is one way to give some and take some back.

Building apps and delivering unique capabilities that enhance productivity on the devices your users want to use is still a key responsibility of IT. This can be done in partnership with users and tech experts. Seek out and invest in these platforms.

jEyLaBs is a K2 specialist and we help organisations build and deploy better applications on modern platforms. Contact us at empower@jeylabs.com.au for further information.

Succeeding with BYOA

How do you Execute your Plans?

Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail. I am sure you heard this before. Planning is critical to anything. Unfortunately for me, I see way too many people worry so much about a fool  proof plan that, they never get to even make a start. Apparently, 99% of people die before they finally decide to be truly successful. This is sad in this Information Century where anyone can become successful as long as they have the mindset required.


My mentors helped me through my tough times in business. I have a great supporting network of family and friends. That  helped me survive the dark days. After 7+  years of entrepreneurship, I can tell you this, planning is critical but execution still is critical over everything else.

Planning is important to get execution right. But, you still have to execute well as no matter how good your planning may be the reality is that you will still have to think on your feet and make plans X, Y and possibly an A1 as you progress.

When I founded jEyLaBs, I had a perfect plan. It was in my head. It had 3 points. They were:

  1. Survive
  2. Thrive
  3. Dominate

In the early days, All I focused was on Execution. I made sure my customers are satisfied, my employees are happy and I kept my promises. I paid everyone else first. I was so determined to succeed that failure is not an option for me.

My rear view mirror tells me all the mistakes I made. There are many lessons I earned through tears, sweat, blood and over few million dollars.

I have no doubt that I will be making more mistakes in the years to come. I am not afraid of it. But, I promised myself that I will never repeat them. I will learn from them and make me a better CEO from every good and bad decision I make.

Making decisions is the Key responsibility of a leader. When things go wrong you ought to be there to take the heat.

My investors tell me where I need to focus so that they can get the best ROI. My customers tell me where I should focus so that they can be served well by my teams. My team of hardworking smart engineers tell me where I should invest so that our organisation is equipped to take on the projects needing our difference. My partners tell me how I can help them become more successful. My wife tells me I should take a vacation. Yet, I am the guy that make that call. I have to balance the needs of everyone matters and execute what matters the most.

Great leaders take the time to talk to their stakeholders. Great leaders listens to them intensively. Great leaders make the decisions that count and ensures they get executed well.

So, once you have the will to do what needs to be done, How do you execute it well? Read More

jEyLaBs Trip to Seattle and the K2 Advisory Board

During the week of the 13th June, jEyLaBs attended the K2 Advisory Board meeting in Seattle, Washington. Two representatives, Gary Sasse and M Nada, shared jEyLaBs’ experiences with K2 and fellow K2 users.

The event started with K2 CEO Adriaan Van Wyk talking on where K2 is heading as a platform. We were shown latest data on how traditional IT centric approaches to creating solutions are no longer scalable and how quickly business users are starting to solve their own problems.

Along with some pretty in depth training sessions, we were exposed to the forthcoming release of K2 4.7. At this stage, we cannot say too much about it, except, what a huge leap forward. Intuitive UIs and a platform built on HTML5 will allow the most rapid ever K2 app development we’ve witnessed.

Much time and money has been invested by K2 to improve experiences from development to package and deployment. Well done K2, you have listened closely to customer feedback and delivered upon it.

jEyLaBs would like to extend a heartfelt thanks to the K2 team for their warm hospitality.
Contact us on (AUS) 1300 767 550 or (Int) +61 3 9863 7601 to find out how you can prepare for K2 4.7

PowerToolz 3.6.8 is out 

PowerToolz has ben updated to include some new features to accelerate testing across SmartForms, Workflows and SmartObjects.

New features provided with PowerToolz 3.6.8 include:

Data Randomisation

Method execution re-order

Randomisation Functions

Double Click to update method data

Improved User Interface for SmartForms and SmartObjects testing.

PowerToolz provides deep insights into your K2 applications, their composition, behaviour and environment.

You can Download a FREE evaluation copy of PowerToolz or Register for a PowerToolz for K2 webinar now.

For more information on PowerToolz for K2, visit http://powertoolz.com.au

Are you Ready for K2 4.7 ?

Are you Getting ready for the next K2 release? K2 has announced the next release will be called 4.7 and it will be coming out soon.

With K2 4.7, the upgrade mandates a consolidated K2 database. We blogged about this a while ago.

As per policy, the support for K2 4.5 will cease once K2 4.7 is out. So, it is important you upgrade.

K2 4.7 is a going to be an exciting release. The following are our favourite items making it worth upgrading:

1. SmartForms Application Lifecycle Management improvements, including the ability to identify and address any dependency issues in the designer Read More

K2 Support Policy Update

K2 is preparing for the upcoming 4.7 release and more communication has been released to customers and partners. The release date for 4.7 is rumoured to be in July.

Key dates for getting K2 product support

K2 Version Support Start Support End
K2 4.5 with Update 1420 14 December 2011 4.7 Release Date
K2 4.6.0 – K2 4.6.9 13 June 2012 – 26 February 2015 4.7 Release Date
K2 4.6.10 24 June 2015 24 June 2017
K2 4.6.11 15 September 2015 15 September 2017
K2 4.7 4.7 Release Date 4.7 Release Date + 2 years

If you are adventurous, Read More

How do you manage app quality when agreements change?


It is not uncommon for the scope of a project to change. This is due to inadequate qualification of the project requirements, unforeseen circumstances or even an unpredicted change in timeline, resources or budget.

These changes can blow out the timeline, or force a ramp up of effort to meet the ever looming deadline. 70% of business app projects fail for a resson.

Given the nature of the beast, this will make the re-development and re-testing of previously completed work a priority. This becomes a need to ensure the app works with the changes made to reflect the amended scope.

In situations where deadlines cannot be moved to reflect the scope, we need to find any means possible to maximise output. This ensures we don’t miss our family dinners, meeting these new requirements and delivering a win for our team.

Recently this occurred during a K2/SharePoint project we delivered for a local university in Melbourne.  Read More

We had great fun at the DWC!

jEyLaBs team was at the digital workplace conference in Melbourne as a Silver sponsor. Our partner Adlib also joined us and the conference was a hit.

We met with many businesses and had some great conversations. We are looking forward to working closely with all.


There were great sessions on SharePoint, Office 365 and customers presenting case studies on how they leveraged technologies like K2 for tangible business outcomes.

We gave away a drone to a lucky winner. We also participated in the twitter wall competition held by K2. Read More

How to get your marketing message across?

img_2233-1In the ever becoming noisier world of marketing, it is quite difficult for brands to get their message across. However, once you get something that is capturing the attention of the average user, then the same noisier world makes it become a viral hit.

I often see the signals getting lost in our noisy real world of ‘whats in it for me’. That is because the signal wasn’t clear about what is in it for the target audience.

People are busy being busy and if the messenger doesn’t play it nice with their often mixed up priorities, the message, no matter however valuable it is, will be lost and the messenger will get shot, eventually.
So, if you are that messenger and you want an endless holiday, I mean, if you want to get your signal through to your targets most of the time, then read on.

Starting from the profile picture we use, to the headline and latest status update, we are all thrusting our stories on to the network of billions. We don’t just like or share or comment. We generate a ton of activity data while we are at it. We follow, we watch and we click. We help the networks generate Ad revenue. We help the telcos charge for bandwidth and companies pay for clicks. (Yes, this is how we contribute to the social economy)

No matter what we do, Read More


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