Coming Soon: PowerToolz Administrator

jeylabs is adding a new product to our PowerToolz suite in August 2019.

It is called the PowerToolz Administrator for K2 Five 5.x and it is set to make the K2 administrator’s work day a breeze.

K2 related administration and troubleshooting tasks are about to be streamlined by this new product in the PowerToolz family.

Leveraging our years of K2 experience working with customers and building PowerToolz suite, we will bring an exclusive focus to the admin activities of your K2 environments in this product.

We intend to implement industry best practices so that your K2 administration experience can become truly world class.

Watch this space.


Seven Special Attributes of A Great Consultant

I’ve worked with many Consultants in my IT consulting career.

During the last 20+ years, I’ve met some of the best and most inspirational consultants and had the privilege of working with them in many exciting, ground breaking and challenging projects.

I’ve also seen some duds too. These Consultants can tell a good story but have no real skills to back it up on the battlefield.

From these encounters, I can tell you that there are 7 attributes that distinguish the best IT Consultants from the rest.

They are:

1) The Great IT Consultant is a Pleasant Care Giver

The Great IT Consultants openly share their knowledge and experiences. They willingly give advice. They dont hold on to secrets to keep them employed.

They are not afraid of the competition or any perceived threats. They truly believe in empowering others to be great at their jobs and lives.

They care about their clients and their wellbeing. They are honest and open. They tell the truth.

2) The Great IT Consultant delivers incredible outcomes daily

To put it bluntly, great consultants don’t muck around. They don’t complain. They dont bullshit. They simply deliver daily.

Great Consultants don’t burn bridges. They don’t think short term – they are able to win repeat business from the people they want to work with.

By delivering quality outcomes they not only generate repeat business but they also generate quality referrals.

They set and communicate realistic expectations and they deliver above and well.

3) The Great IT Consultant develops specialised skill sets

Generalist consulting was dead and buried.

Great consultants are subject matter experts. They specialise in niche areas like RPA. They also understand the business environments and know how to enable and empower people to adopt technology at mass scale.

They know their market intimately and understand its intricacies. Needless to say, they have developed strong networks in their space.

They can advise their clients on technology trends. They know the latest industry developments. They know the right people and can reach out accordingly.

They constantly train and form the habit of continually researching their industry to identify these trends and developments.

4) The Great IT Consultant has built up Resilience

IT consulting is one of the toughest jobs you can do.

It is very demanding. When you are a Consultant, You are actually an analyst, coder, tester, presales engineer, PM, support guy and the Infrastructure guy. You have to work hard and be smart.

I have had way too many late nights and missed family dinners thanks to my work. I love it so much I have no regrets.

Clients and users make you work very hard for your money and won’t necessarily appreciate your work every day. You are the first to get blamed for anything that goes south.

If you look for validation from others then you are not a great Consultant yet. Your confidence comes from conviction.

The great consultants always love a challenge and are able to bounce back quickly from adversity.

5) The Great IT Consultant actively builds meaningful and lasting relationships

Consulting is a game of people. You have to be able to work with all sorts of people.

So you need to be able to build relationships with a variety of people. These relationships are to be built both internally and externally.

Externally, you are able to recognise and then focus on building extremely strong relationships with the Clients by helping them achieve outcomes.

Consultants live and die by their word.

The Great Consultants also don’t waste time working with people and companies that don’t deliver on what they promise.

Internally, they have the habit of working with colleagues and managers to build mutually beneficial relationships that deliver real results.

6) The Great IT Consultant has abundance of energy and enthusiasm

No one likes being around lazy or negative people. I have seen “walking blackholes” and you should never be around them.

If you are a consultant, having unlimited energy and enthusiasm is a prerequisite.

Great consultants exercise regularly and keep fit. They read good books and keep great company.

If they are sick they take the day off. They don’t come to work unless they are a 100%. It is also not wise to make your clients sick.

People want to work with people they like. Positivity and enthusiasm are contagious. So is negativity. The Great IT Consultants never bad mouth or gossip.

Successful consultants have the habit of applying energy and enthusiasm consistently to all their daily activities.

7) The Great IT Consultant knows the power of Leverage

The Great IT Consultants know that they don’t know everything or have all the answers.

They are the first to ask for help, say that they don’t know and admit to their mistakes. They also never repeat the same or similar mistakes.

They do this with great care. They reach out to the right people and the right time in the right way.

They also know how to return a favour.

That’s it. So, If you want to be that Great Consultant, develop these attributes intentionally.

Why Capture enabling your business is Critical?

Often we speak with business users and query about their productivity levels. In every case, most staff would complain that they are overwhelmed by paperwork. Many businesses are still transacting through manual processes and paper files.

Paper use in business has created a lot of problems. People hate paperwork because of these problems. A lot of time is wasted chasing paper, picking up paper from where it was left and dealing with lost paper.

To tackle this issue, businesses use document imaging and turn paper into an electronic format. This document then travels through email or file shares to reach different people and systems.

This approach is a step forward from physical paper but, it actually creates additional issues. All we have now is an electronic version (or versions) of the paper. Continue reading “Why Capture enabling your business is Critical?”

PowerToolz suite is updated for K2 Five 5.3

Today, jeylabs has completed the update of the entire PowerToolz suite of products to support the latest K2 Five 5.3 release.

PowerToolz Express Workflow Converter 5.3 is released with support for the new IF conditions.

PowerToolz Tester also has been updated to support the latest of K2.

PowerToolz Analyser that helps you understand the composition and complexity of your K2 legacy environments is also updated to assist with upgrade planning to K2 Five 5.3 now.


Check out the update by downloading an eval now at

5thMethod becomes a PowerToolz reseller

5thMethod, a USA based K2 Services Partner, has become a PowerToolz reseller. jeylabs and 5thMethod have signed a partnership agreement to deliver “K2 Five 5.x Success” to American enterprises.

jeylabs and 5thMethod will work closely to assist organizations to adopt the latest version of the K2’s low code platform and implement solid QA regimes using the PowerToolz suite.

5thMethod will be deploying jeylabs PowerToolz suite of products to its K2 customer environments delivering consistent, best-practices based Analysis, Workflow Conversion, Administration, Troubleshooting and Test Automation capabilities.

By leveraging 5thMethod‘s dedicated teams of highly skilled and experienced K2 consultants, jeylabs will be able to provide high-quality consulting services to its market-leading tools in the USA.

Are Robots the key to our Evolution?

Complexity has been increasing since the birth of our Universe. From nothing, everything came to be. The universe is one and all, as the energy that we are, came from, and part of, this Universe.

The possibility of a Multiverse is increasing as science untangles the mysteries of how did it all started and what will happen as the Universe expands. Lifeforms seem to have been engineered to evolve and become more and more complex in our ever expanding Universe.

We all have that inner voice which directs us to seek peace. We yearn for that calmness in our souls. We want to feel connected and understood. We want to contribute and be a part of bigger things. Humans are the only species we know of, who can communicate the emotions of love, the meaning of our worlds and our imaginations to others. As an intelligent species, we are also working to optimise our lives and become better at what we do and how we live.

The concept of a constant of time, the fact that it is limited, and it is the same amount available to everyone in a given day, is the next big thing, I predict that, we will break through. Whether it is Time travel or something completely new, we already seem to have been making great progress on that since the Stone Age.

Whether it is physical tools, language, techniques and expansion into territories, we have made massive progress. Invention of Cars gave us the choice of freedom. The power to go places was the ability unlocked by the ownership of mass market automobiles. Planes allowed us to Travel far distances faster. The Internet allowed us to do communicate and collaborate in an instant. Partnership between humans and machines is what took us to the Moon and We are now hoping to colonise Mars.

I sincerely believe that, Working Intelligently is crucial to our inner peace on Earth. That is why I am motivated to assist people and organisations optimise their business.

RPA – Robotic Process Automation – has the massive and immediate potential to break business users free from the shackles of Time. RPA can really help people to work intelligently. RPA can assist people not only automate a task at hand and do that faster. It can help people focus on the outcomes they are seeking at work on a daily basis. RPA can help elevate people to the next level. As organisations continue to deploy RPA and go beyond the current Automation First era, Software Robots will enable businesses across the globe to evolve to the next level.

At jeylabs, we promote Intelligent workspaces as part of a modern workplace to customers. This includes personal digital assistants to every information worker. Chatbots are already a big part of this. Keen to learn about how you can evolve your business to the next level with RPA? Check us out at:

How are you Innovating?

What can you do to move your business to a higher level? Is there anything you could do today with the current state of technology.

Could the application of smart technology at your workplace,
Give you a competitive edge?
Give you cost reductions?
Give you risk reductions?
Give you access to freed up resources?
Give you back time?
Give you peace of mind?
Give you accelerated success?

We know it can.

This is mankind’s relentless pursuit of execution excellence.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is all the rage and for very good Reasons. Instead of continuing down the beaten path of building rule-based systems, you can now enhance them using AI and give your apps self-learning capabilities. Sounds like science fiction? Well, it is a current reality.

Instead of rebuilding or reconfiguring systems in a reactive mode, as business processes change and get challenged, your systems can truly become proactive because of their new learning abilities.

AI has very valid scenarios of application. Many enterprises have applied AI and have achieved some incredible outcomes.

Is this the right time for you to also embrace AI? And if so How best should you approach it?

Cloud has made it easy and efficient to access AI.

Machine learning has reached a point that, it is possible to train the machines with good quality, labelled, data sets and that their predictions can be ingenious and more accurate than humans.

NASA has a supercomputer that is flying around the globe (installed at the ISS) that is programmed to be autonomous.

Boston Dynamics has been building specialised robots with advanced mobility, agility, dexterity and speed.

We have been teaching machines specific things for a while now and boy they have learnt spectacularly well and are ready to serve us better in those specialised domains.

Some emerging areas of the potential application of AI technology for many of our customers are in the natural language processing, real-time translation, conversational, image/text and pattern recognition problem domains.

Areas where your ERP and backend systems hold a lot of historical LOB data is particularly good for applying AI. Good AI needs loads of data to train on.

jeylabs has implemented AI technology for internal use since mid-2015. We also partnered with reputable vendors in 2014 to bring AI technology to our customers.

We have implemented chatbots as interactive interfaces for our operational systems. We have a web bot, Skype bot and a Facebook messenger bot. I use them on a daily basis to find out the status of workflow items, action tasks and kick off business processes.

We have leveraged sentiment analysis in our marketing and customer support systems. This allows us to keep tabs on our brand’s reputation.

We have enhanced our Accounts payable and Expense claims processes by using AI. It gives us more of exactly what I have called out process intelligence in the past.

The benefits realised by us are around accurate data entry, better workflow routing, smart decision making and progressive improvements in recognising business activities and responding to them with far more insights than ever before.

Take a typical IT help desk, for example, historic reporting on the trouble tickets will tell you that perhaps the most requested calls for assistance were password resets and account lockouts. This could be now handled completely by a simple chat session powered By a natural language processing AI engine.

It can free up your resources from repetitive, boring and mundane tasks. You now just have to manage things by exception. As an example, if there was a suspicious password reset query. It can be flagged and escalated for human intervention. The AI can also learn from that escalation.

A contract management system may be enhanced with AI capabilities to provide users with suggestions around contract negotiations, proactive monitoring of dependencies and also market intelligence.

How far can you take these solutions? It is completely up to you and your needs. But, you can and ought to start now.

We suggest you play to your strengths and the technology’s strengths.

For example, you can pick those scenarios where there is an opportunity to simplify and enhance your internal staff experiences with chatbots.

Use existing application development or modernisation projects as a way to dip your toe into the AI waters.

We also recommend that you look at a proof of concept first and deploy a pilot to get user feedback before jumping into a full-blown program of works.

That will be your next step.

jeylabs partners with AI technology experts and product vendors to bring you tangible Outcomes.

Contact us via and schedule your Innovation workshop with jeylabs.