Are Robots the key to our Evolution?

Complexity has been increasing since the birth of our Universe. From nothing, everything came to be. The universe is one and all, as the energy that we are, came from, and part of, this Universe. The possibility of a Multiverse is increasing as science untangles the mysteries of how did it all started and what will happen as the Universe expands. Lifeforms seem to have been engineered to evolve and become […]

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How are you Innovating?

What can you do to move your business to a higher level? Is there anything you could do today with the current state of technology. Could the application of smart technology at your workplace, Give you a competitive edge? Give you cost reductions? Give you risk reductions? Give you access to freed up resources? Give you back time? Give you peace of mind? Give you accelerated success? We know it […]

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Is Your Workplace Intelligent?

Every Enterprise uses a workforce to execute its strategy. The ongoing issue is, many of them are not effective at execution. To be great at execution a workforce needs to have the right people, good structure, motivation, training, support, tools and processes. Through the use of digital technologies that help build capability and capacity of workforces, leaders can create a workforce that is both effective and successful for the long […]

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Author: Neil Ward-Dutton, MWD Advisors.

Low-code application development platforms can offer beleaguered teams huge benefits in terms of development velocity. However true application delivery agility – and through that, business agility – only comes when teams can optimise the whole delivery process. Few low-code application development platforms really work in ways that make that broader optimisation easy.

The low-code application development promise – fulfilled by K2 (and other vendors and products, too) – is about speed and agility. It’s simple: when you write less application code, you make faster progress.

The promise is enabled by tools that do the ‘heavy lifting’ of application development for you. They abstract away all the messy implementation details associated with low-level system interactions, as well as providing high-level specification tools specialised for building functionality that’s commonly required within particular domains. So, when you work with products from K2 and other similar vendors, you use high-level, graphical ‘model-driven’ specification tools that give you powerful shortcuts to developing workflow management functionality, task interaction forms and other application user interface elements, business data management functionality, reports and dashboards, and so on.

The tradeoff that comes when you use low-code application development platforms like these is that the code that does the ‘heavy lifting’ to deliver working application functionality behind the scenes is, by design, hidden from you. Some generate all the low-level code necessary to run applications standalone, and others provide high-level specifications that are interpreted by a proprietary application server at runtime; however all low-code application development platforms are in essence proprietary.

As the promise of low-code application development becomes more widely realised and organisations deliver more applications with speed and agility, so the applications they’re used to create are becoming more sophisticated, numerous and business-critical. It’s natural, in these cases, for organisations to make application quality assurance a high priority. What’s more, broader ‘DevOps’-related application delivery trends like continuous integration/continuous delivery – driven by cheap and flexible cloud infrastructure – depend on the ability to rapidly test and re-test application functionality.

When it comes to low-code application development platforms like the K2 platform, though, the most widely-established general-purpose software QA toolsets and approaches have limited applicability. This is the challenge that PowerToolz aims to address.

Low-code application development platforms can offer huge benefits in terms of development velocity. However true application delivery agility– and through that, business agility – only comes when teams can optimise the whole delivery process. Few low-code application development platforms really work in ways that make that broader optimisation easy.

jeylabs’ PowerToolz offers a suite of integrated automated testing and administration tools designed specifically for the K2 low-code application development platform, and through that, addresses the broader delivery agility challenge for K2 customers. All the core test automation bases are covered, and offered at a compelling price point. What’s particularly noteworthy is that by using the K2 application repository itself to store and manage testing artefacts alongside K2 application artefacts, PowerToolz delivers a number of significant quality management benefits that will help teams work with K2 quickly and effectively at scale.

You can download and evaluate the software from the PowerToolz website at

When moving to the latest of K2, there are many important things to consider.

You will want a speedy and smooth move to the latest of K2. So, Educate yourself on the benefits and the process of upgrading. Knowledge is power. Here are some tips for you to review:

jEyLaBs is one of the 10 or so global technology alliance partners of K2. We have invested heavily on leveraging K2 technology over a number of K2 versions over the many years.

We have produced tools to assist with Test automation, Migration, Workflow Analysis & Conversion, Administration, monitoring and troubleshooting of K2 apps, smart objects, forms and workflows.

As a result, We have acquired deep and wide experience migrating and upgrading applications, data and users on K2.

Whether it involves File server drives, Lotus Notes, SQL, multi-forest ADs, SharePoint, ASP.NET, windows apps, Infopath, K2.Net 2003, blackpoint or blackpearl, we have been there since 2009, assisting many customers and partners to win.

We are here to help. Please Join us for a webinar (You can Win 1 of 5 Google Mini’s by participating in the Q&A) and accelerate your K2 Five 5.x success. Register at:

Empowering Local Government is a serious business.

Since our inception in Feb 2009, jeylabs has been working with many local government agencies. We have also worked with federal and state agencies. Recently, We were at the Local Government Professionals annual conference held in Melbourne. Gary, Emil and Thiru form our team were at the event, meeting many representatives from the local government sector and listening to their concerns. We believe that many of the Local Government officers and […]

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Why should you keep your low code apps platforms updated?

At jeylabs, we work with low code platforms a lot. We strongly believe that the software platforms update cycles are essential to see the best performance and optimal user experience of your investments on them.   Typically, when an update is released, the following are addressed: Security Vulnerabilities get patched First and foremost, updates will keep you safe from known security holes, not always in the product but maybe in […]

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