Keen on some PowerToolz training?

jEyLaBs PowerToolz has been used by many K2 customers around the world for efficient testing, administration and management of their business critical K2 applications.

Our official PowerToolz training course helps participants acquire some solid hands-on skills with the tool and gain in-depth technical understanding of how to leverage the K2 platform.

This Course arms you with the knowledge on how the tool helps to automate many aspects of K2 such as testing, administration and management.

PowerToolz training course focuses heavily on how PowerToolz integrates with the K2 environment to deliver efficient automated testing, troubleshooting and even upgrade/migration capabilities.

The training is portioned into five sessions with corresponding practical self assessments to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the material covered in each session.

This is an online course delivered by our PowerToolz consultants. At the start of each session, time is allocated to provide participants to ask questions and fortify their knowledge. Both development and managerial staff are welcome to participate and contribute to the sessions. Our trainers cater for staff with various levels of technical knowledge and experience.

PowerToolz Course Session Details

The course also covers functional and administration features of PowerToolz in detail. It is delivered as 5 sessions and you can pick and choose the sessions. See the details below and email us at to book your Training.

Are you riding on dinosaurs?

It is hard to change habits. It takes someone courageous to take a hard look at themselves and to break free of bad routines.

The biggest problem that some habits bring to a business is the out-dated ways of doing business. Every business that is more than a few years old will have a few of these bad habits. In much older, larger and distributed organizations this is a bigger but common problem.

This problem exists due to people. How people use technology and what technology is used by companies contribute to the problem and also to the solution.

The users of technology and their Habits are not simple to change. Training them in the first place to use technology was hard, time-consuming and expensive. Once they are up and running with it they tend to create their own silos of working ways. We all love having control and freedom of choice. Over time, users create little deviations and short-cuts that “works for them”.

With technology changing at a much faster pace, using software that is even only a few years old is a risky proposition. Technical debt is a bigger issue for software businesses. Legacy systems are the nightmare of IT departments. It is really hard to support legacy. The skills required to support and improve older systems and software are diminishing and hard to find.


If you are an organization still using older software technology, you are not only increasing your support costs and business continuity risks but you are actually riding on dinosaurs towards your extinction.

Seek out a migration plan and talk to the experts. Mitigate your risk of legacy and put in a plan to keep your software up-to-date. Be brave and embrace the change.

We at jeylabs are here to support you with Technology Transformation. We have performed many successful migrations and upgrades from older versions of Software platforms across both on-prem and cloud. Whether automating, integrating, migrating or modernisation, we have you covered from RPA to DPA.

Contact and we will help you map out a migration plan and execute it well.

ERP Integrations can be easy

Companies that do not integrate their backend systems and front end apps run a number of risks – the most serious risk would be failing to get the full value out of their ERPs and other software investments.

Without the data that is captured and processes through these apps reaching the backend in real time, your complete view of a customer is not visible to you.

We see many customers running ERPs, wanting to integrate, but are discouraged by the cost, complexity and delays in getting the last mile integration properly completed.

Our partnership with leading ERP consultancies allows jeylabs to bring in pre-built Business Integrations to help solve this problem.

We have access to specialised skills and IP in SAP, NetSuite, IFS, Infor M3 and other ERPs.

Business integration apps can be built as web applications, directly installed on your intranet or client portals and then made available to users. The seamless integration of ERP processes in your front end apps bring you closer to an integrated and uniform business platform.

Any user without special ERP knowledge to perform complex processes directly. There is no need for training or special instruction courses to use the applications because operation is easy and intuitive.

Like to know more? please email us via