Moving to K2 Five (5.x) is a LOT easier than you think!

The Best Practices Based Upgrade To K2 Five (5.x) Has 3 Distinct Stages

The PowerToolz suite is designed to help you to upgrade to K2 Five (5.x) easier with quality assurance and peace of mind.

Stage 1 – Pre-upgrade test baseline, analysis and planning
PowerToolz Tester empowers you to build a test baseline on all your K2 4.7 apps. With random power script generators, you can quickly create test scripts across all your apps in its original working guise, allowing you to re-test once the K2 Five (5.x) upgrade is complete.

PowerToolz Tester for K2 4.7 and K2 5.x

PowerToolz Analyser helps you take stock of your K2 4.6.11 or 4.7 Workflows by giving you valuable insights to what can be automatically converted and guides you through what will be required for the rest of the Workflow upgrade process.

PowerToolz Analyser for K2 4.6.11 and 4.7

Stage 2 – Upgrade & QA / validation
Time to run the upgrade to install the new version of the K2 software. After your upgrade, how do you ensure everything still works as before and better? By using saved power scripts created in your 4.7 environments, PowerToolz Tester is used to re-test & troubleshoot applications, ensuring the same, if not better, quality assurance as your pre-upgrade environments.

Stage 3 – Convert Workflows & QA / validation
We now have to convert your legacy workflows to be editable in K2 Five (5.x). This could be a painful and manual task. No more the case with PowerToolz Converter, as it helps you with the automatic conversion of your Workflows. The wizard-driven interface reports on Workflow conversion outcomes, guides you through what needs to be manually configured, and creates saved K2 Five (5.x) version to edit and deployed when ready.

PowerToolz Converter for K2 Five (5.x)

Using power scripts previously saved, with adjustments to your Workflow power scripts, PowerToolz Tester allows you to re-test with saved test scripts, ensuring quality assurance is regained post your Workflow conversions.



Empowering Local Government is a serious business.

We believe that many of the Local Government officers and councillors actually want to improve the quality of services offered to their constituency. In order to deliver that though they often face many challenges.

Our approach is to understand first and assist them with overcoming these issues. Funding is one of the major issues for any council unless they are a large metropolitan council with a lot of ratepayers or one that is growing rapidly through residential development.

Since our inception in Feb 2009, jeylabs has been working with many local government agencies. We have also worked with federal and state agencies. Our team regularly attends the events run by Local Government Professionals in Melbourne. We meet many representatives from the local government sector and listen to their views, concerns and ideas.

Typically, Councillors and Officers have different preferences for tackling the problems around service delivery. They are motivated by different needs. So, This puts them at conflict when it comes to decision making or influencing an action.

IT departments at many councils still run as if it is 1980 and exhibit old beliefs that are not in line with the growing cloud economy and the popular apps ecosystems.

Some of the back end systems and investments already made on the so-called Tier 1 proprietary platforms also limit the councils in rapidly delivering high-quality services. Support contracts still tie them to paying high fees to these vendors for making even the minuscule of changes.

Local government is also very risk averse. So, while they talk a lot about Innovation, taking risks and moving forward fast is not something they are used to.

CSC Demo.jpegUnderstanding these and many other related issues within the local government, we have developed a strategy to invest and work closely for the long term success.

Through this viewpoint, We were able to find the right people with an appetite for innovation. This is very encouraging. We currently have a number of ongoing automation projects within local government.

There is also a lot of frustration within a growing number of councils when it comes to dealing with Tier 1 vendors. This created an opportunity for us to break in and provide high-value services at a fraction of the fees usually charged by these vendors. Also being a local service provider puts us in a very good position.

By showing our commitment, flexibility and willingness to work with the councils jeylabs and other similar businesses can win with the local government.

jeylabs is a multi-award winning enterprise grown out of the northern suburbs. The Northern Business Achievement Awards (NBAA) has acknowledged jeylabs with the esteemed “Workplace Diversity Award”.

NBAA Award 2014.jpg

We also won the Westpac Businesses of the Future award in 2017. We are a proud recipient of many government grants. jeylabs is an LGPro Corporate Partner. We are also GITC Accredited.

We are committed to the success of local government. Our approach is to partner with the sector for mutual success.

We are also assisting the rural councils that often get neglected by the big end of town service providers.

Working with the local government is not child’s play. We take this seriously.

We have been heavily investing in developing tailored solutions such as the Citizen Services to serve the council residents. Our IoT and RPA based Smart City Solutions are received very positively by local government.

If you are a local council interested in learning more and how we can help you innovate on your service delivery, please get in touch via

Pre-order Now: PowerToolz Administrator

jeylabs is adding a new product to our PowerToolz suite in August 2019.

It is called the PowerToolz Administrator for K2 Five 5.x and it is set to make the K2 administrator’s work day a breeze.

K2 related administration and troubleshooting tasks are about to be streamlined by this new product in the PowerToolz family.

Leveraging our years of K2 experience working with customers and building PowerToolz suite, we will bring an exclusive focus to the admin activities of your K2 environments in this product.

PowerToolz Administrator for K2

We intend to implement industry best practices so that your K2 administration experience can become truly world-class.

The wait is over. You can pre-order #PowerToolz Admin for #K2 starting now for a 50% discount until 7th August.

Seven Special Attributes of A Great Consultant

I’ve worked with many Consultants in my IT consulting career.

During the last 20+ years, I’ve met some of the best and most inspirational consultants and had the privilege of working with them in many exciting, ground breaking and challenging projects.

I’ve also seen some duds too. These Consultants can tell a good story but have no real skills to back it up on the battlefield.

From these encounters, I can tell you that there are 7 attributes that distinguish the best IT Consultants from the rest.

They are:

1) The Great IT Consultant is a Pleasant Care Giver

The Great IT Consultants openly share their knowledge and experiences. They willingly give advice. They dont hold on to secrets to keep them employed.

They are not afraid of the competition or any perceived threats. They truly believe in empowering others to be great at their jobs and lives.

They care about their clients and their wellbeing. They are honest and open. They tell the truth.

2) The Great IT Consultant delivers incredible outcomes daily

To put it bluntly, great consultants don’t muck around. They don’t complain. They dont bullshit. They simply deliver daily.

Great Consultants don’t burn bridges. They don’t think short term – they are able to win repeat business from the people they want to work with.

By delivering quality outcomes they not only generate repeat business but they also generate quality referrals.

They set and communicate realistic expectations and they deliver above and well.

3) The Great IT Consultant develops specialised skill sets

Generalist consulting was dead and buried.

Great consultants are subject matter experts. They specialise in niche areas like RPA. They also understand the business environments and know how to enable and empower people to adopt technology at mass scale.

They know their market intimately and understand its intricacies. Needless to say, they have developed strong networks in their space.

They can advise their clients on technology trends. They know the latest industry developments. They know the right people and can reach out accordingly.

They constantly train and form the habit of continually researching their industry to identify these trends and developments.

4) The Great IT Consultant has built up Resilience

IT consulting is one of the toughest jobs you can do.

It is very demanding. When you are a Consultant, You are actually an analyst, coder, tester, presales engineer, PM, support guy and the Infrastructure guy. You have to work hard and be smart.

I have had way too many late nights and missed family dinners thanks to my work. I love it so much I have no regrets.

Clients and users make you work very hard for your money and won’t necessarily appreciate your work every day. You are the first to get blamed for anything that goes south.

If you look for validation from others then you are not a great Consultant yet. Your confidence comes from conviction.

The great consultants always love a challenge and are able to bounce back quickly from adversity.

5) The Great IT Consultant actively builds meaningful and lasting relationships

Consulting is a game of people. You have to be able to work with all sorts of people.

So you need to be able to build relationships with a variety of people. These relationships are to be built both internally and externally.

Externally, you are able to recognise and then focus on building extremely strong relationships with the Clients by helping them achieve outcomes.

Consultants live and die by their word.

The Great Consultants also don’t waste time working with people and companies that don’t deliver on what they promise.

Internally, they have the habit of working with colleagues and managers to build mutually beneficial relationships that deliver real results.

6) The Great IT Consultant has abundance of energy and enthusiasm

No one likes being around lazy or negative people. I have seen “walking blackholes” and you should never be around them.

If you are a consultant, having unlimited energy and enthusiasm is a prerequisite.

Great consultants exercise regularly and keep fit. They read good books and keep great company.

If they are sick they take the day off. They don’t come to work unless they are a 100%. It is also not wise to make your clients sick.

People want to work with people they like. Positivity and enthusiasm are contagious. So is negativity. The Great IT Consultants never bad mouth or gossip.

Successful consultants have the habit of applying energy and enthusiasm consistently to all their daily activities.

7) The Great IT Consultant knows the power of Leverage

The Great IT Consultants know that they don’t know everything or have all the answers.

They are the first to ask for help, say that they don’t know and admit to their mistakes. They also never repeat the same or similar mistakes.

They do this with great care. They reach out to the right people and the right time in the right way.

They also know how to return a favour.

That’s it. So, If you want to be that Great Consultant, develop these attributes intentionally.

Why Capture enabling your business is Critical?

Often we speak with business users and query about their productivity levels. In every case, most staff would complain that they are overwhelmed by paperwork. Many businesses are still transacting through manual processes and paper files.

Paper use in business has created a lot of problems. People hate paperwork because of these problems. A lot of time is wasted chasing paper, picking up paper from where it was left and dealing with lost paper.

To tackle this issue, businesses use document imaging and turn paper into an electronic format. This document then travels through email or file shares to reach different people and systems.

This approach is a step forward from physical paper but, it actually creates additional issues. All we have now is an electronic version (or versions) of the paper. Continue reading “Why Capture enabling your business is Critical?”

PowerToolz suite is updated for K2 Five 5.3

Today, jeylabs has completed the update of the entire PowerToolz suite of products to support the latest K2 Five 5.3 release.

PowerToolz Express Workflow Converter 5.3 is released with support for the new IF conditions.

PowerToolz Tester also has been updated to support the latest of K2.

PowerToolz Analyser that helps you understand the composition and complexity of your K2 legacy environments is also updated to assist with upgrade planning to K2 Five 5.3 now.


Check out the update by downloading an eval now at