Would AutoGPT be better at Enterprise Automation?

AutoGPT is all the rage now. We are seeing the momentum of innovation on GPT & LLMs changing the landscape of how humans interact with technology and the significant jump in intelligence and resulting automation capabilities.

Personal Digital Assistants are not new. Whether they were shell scripts, scheduled jobs, Microsoft’s clippy or BPM or RPA or many other tools and products that we may have seen in the past, they all have led us to this point in evolution where they are now infused with AI.

Agent oriented systems were procedurally programmed with abilities that were utilised based on events happening in an environment. With AI getting infused into this environment is resulting in human like autonomy or true intelligent agents to be able to emerge.

AutoGPT allows connections to multiple LLM models for interaction. This aids with 10 times the leverage a typical system could achieve with integration and automation of a large and deep set of tasks, not just for the individuals but at enterprise scale.

If deployed well, this can improve productivity in unbelievable ways and dramatically reduce cost and unlocking massive economic value. It looks like the snow ball has started to form and rolling down the hill. Are you going to be under it?

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