The search for the Best Practice begins here!

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“Best practices” as we know are often preached by a set of people and practised by another. We want to turn this scenario on its head and bring the people practices to the foreground and challenge the so called industry best practices.

jEyLaBs is excited to be releasing a video series on Master classes in Business Technology Consulting.

This series will be covering interesting discussions around new age app design, implementation, consulting, offshoring, infrastructure, automation, startups and business fundamentals.

We are bringing insights from Tech industry in these videos. Several experienced professionals will be featured in each of these classes and share their views on what is their practice around their favourite topic.

Using our vast networks of talented people we are aiming find the True best practices in Business, Technology and Consulting and present it to you unedited.

We are interested in hearing from every one of you as much giving everyone the chance to learn from the best.

Through this series we will discover what the real people’s practices are and how they compare to the established standards of practice.

We look forward to sharing this Journey with you in the coming weeks and months. If you are keen to participate as a guest or as an audience member please contact us via

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