What does it take to deliver, Quality?

We have heard this before. Yes, Quality takes time. It also takes talent and tested techniques to deliver high quality output. I think, above all, ATTITUDE of the people involved is what makes the magic.



Team is the most important piece of any project puzzle. Time, Talent and Technique can be negotiated in any project. One can use very experienced people who inherently know all the techniques, have access to great tools of trade and talent to handle them and get the job done.

One can also negotiate the time required to deliver a project’s outcomes. You can even add resources to increase delivery capacity. You can use time and price to negotiate the minimum value product you deliver to your customer.

You can do all this to achieve output that is acceptable by your various stakeholders.

BUT, none of this will help you achieve superior quality outcomes if you have people with the wrong attitude in your delivery teams.

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Benefits of Workflow Test Automation

I like to automate my workflow application testing as much as I can. In particular the testing of the process flow itself is a great candidate for automation.

There are many benefits of this test automation for users, administrators, testers and app designers/developers.

Users will appreciate the quality of deployments that test automation brings. There is nothing painful like a deployment of a process change that gone wrong. Users will have to deal with the roll back and put up with a broken application.

Administrators can utilise the test scripts to monitor health of the process. They can also troubleshoot and confidently amend instances to reduce rework by users.

The key benefits for testers include reducing errors with test setup, consistent set of regression test cases, ability to compare test case performances through reporting and rapid turn around with additional test case creation due to process changes and test execution.

Developers/Designers with access to test automaton software purpose built for their workflow platform enjoy all the benefits of the previous user groups I mentioned and more. They get to use it while they are developing the application. They can use the test cases as design aid and confirm and validate process flow and changes.

Unit testing of workflows can be scripted. Reproducing process state across Dev/test/production environments can be scripted. Environment clean up can be scripted. Even the test script deployments can be scripted.

The below diagram depicts the business benefits of PowerToolz for K2, a purpose built test automation tool for K2 by jEyLaBs.