Auditing in Office 365 Sites

The audit feature in SharePoint helps you track user activities. It tells you Who changed What, When and Where.

Providing accurate information and keeping it accurate is critical to any business. Tracking user activity and ensuring data changes are audited is important so that when mistakes happen you can quickly fix them. In most business scenarios, Auditing is a critical business requirement.

In Offcie 365, The SharePoint Online environment provides you with 3 primary configuration options for audit at the Site collection level:

  1. Audit Log Trimming
  2. Audit settings for Documents and Items
  3. Audit settings for Lists, Libraries and Sites

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With K2 we can wrap Sharepoint Lists with…

With K2 we can wrap Sharepoint Lists with Smart Objects. We would configure an SmO to map to a List. So that when an entry is created in the SmO it writes to the List and when you add an entry in to the list directly and call the getList method on SmO it returns all the list entries from Sharepoint. In short this SmO becomes a data access object for that Sharepoint list. Continue reading “With K2 we can wrap Sharepoint Lists with…”