K2 just released an update to support Windows 8 for the client components and Windows Server 2012 for the server components. There is support for IIS 8 and Internet Explorer 10 as well in this update.

There are performance enhancements for the all important smart objects framework which powers the smartforms and improvements to email notifications.

Check out more info on this release at portal.k2.com

You can get the latest K2 update KB1370 now. Feature Highlights are:

· The ability to run a K2 Designer for SharePoint process designed in one environment in another environment without modification

· Multiple enhancements to K2 Services and SmartObject Services, including filtering

· Support for using different versions of InfoPath forms for different versions of a K2 Designer for SharePoint process

Download it from the Customer Portal.

with the KB1290 update K2 platform exposed a number of service end points (REST, WCF and WS) for accessing K2 programatically. These are called K2 services. Here’s a nice article on this topic by Ruben. Also, check (t)his post on how  you might cook up an AJAX page using a bit of javascript magic to build a cool worklist.