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FreeTicketMelbourne will play host to the Digital Workplace Conference this April. The Australian SharePoint Conference has been reimagined and it is on 28-29 April 2016 at the Pullman hotel, Albert park.

jEyLaBs is a Silver sponsor to this event. We are showcasing our Information Governance solutions with Adlib, our ISV partner.

You could Connect with International Speakers and Industry Experts. Learn SharePoint and Office 365. See Live Product Demonstrations & Leverage Networking Opportunities.

If you are keen to learn more please do check out our events page at

We are giving away a limited number of tickets. You may be lucky and could be attending the event for FREE. Do register your interest by sending us an email to

A Prayer to the Demo God


Oh Demo God, You are a mystery

At times,  I thought you are my misery

All through the times of Presales history

Everyone shared a Demo God’s story

When the quarterly pressure mounts

When we lock our cloud accounts

It is the prayer I say that counts

Then our BDM buys a few rounds Read More

Why Learning can never stop?

I still remember my first day at RMIT university, City campus in Melbourne about 20 years ago. At the welcome session, we were introduced to lecturers and staff. The university learning process was explained to us.

One of the key things highlighted there was a commitment to life long learning and how the university enables you to get into that mindset.

Although I still remember it vividly, I didn’t understand what it really meant until years later.

After uni, I went into product development and then IT consulting. While working at HP, I came back to uni for post grad. Throughout the years, just like some of my peers, I passed industry certifications, attended training courses, completed professional development and undertook mentorship programs.

It only struck me to the core once I got into training and teaching others. RMIT gave me the opportunity to tutor students and while working with post grad students from varying backgrounds and age groups, I realised that learning is actually a skill just like teaching was. Read More

Are you missing at family dinners?

Small business owners in Australia work the most in the world. Increasing numbers of Passionate Aussie battlers have chosen the path of entrepreneurship as the way to financial freedom and are turning ideas into businesses. While this is a welcoming trend often the effects of hard work result in broken families and bad health.

I have been lucky enough to still have a great family around me. I have certainly missed countless family dinners and had my share of health issues.

It is hard work for over many years, 8 and counting in my case, to build our hopes and dreams into a business reality.

I share the passion and vision of many fellow business owners for our country, families and individuals. My ultimate goal is to become the best version of myself and leave a legacy through great businesses and philanthropy.

Hard work is not necessarily the only way to achieve this all. We can slow down a bit, take a break and make it to that family dinner table. But, to show a great example to our next generation, we need to be consistent in our approach.

Working smart means selectively delegating, outsourcing and investing in the right parts of your business. This gives you the time to do the things you love.

Delegation doesn’t mean you are not in control. Outsourcing doesn’t mean someone else is now in charge.

When you invest time and energy to pick the right people to assist, you can have control and achieve the outcomes you need. I say, you get way better outcomes than you could ever by yourself.

By using other businesses that are passionate about customers just as you, by hiring the right staff and motivating them, by selectively offshoring parts of your business processes, this is possible. Read More

Are you leaping forward with Automation?


Automation is all around us, at home, in the car, at the shopping mall and on the street. We are using technology to make a lot of things possible in every day life and much of it actually goes unnoticed.

The food we buy is often produced via partial automation at the very least. Every goods and services we need and the businesses that produce it for us all use quite a lot of automation in the process.

Much of the automation is designed to make our lives easier. These facilities are often taken for granted such as automatic doors, escalators, street lights, traffic signals and Wifi. As time goes by we do not consider any of these as special. They are all part of the default environment we exist in.

They are an exciting thing in the first few years of introduction and adoption. Once mass application happens they become a norm, like the TV or internet streaming or booking a taxi ride using an app on your phone.

At our work environments, There are many benefits with tightly integrated and automated processes. Automation of a production line brings similar benefits just as automating a customer feedback process. Read More

Are you leading or following with Training?

Training gets talked about a lot. But, does it get delivered as advertised? Does it give your organisation the advantages it should?

Effective training raises the bar of an organisation’s skill levels. Any employee’s base development level can be increased through structured training. This Increases the average team member’s level of confidence and job performance.

A major hurdle for businesses is the amount of investment of employee training. This investment consists of the costs of the training course paid to the provider, time cost of the employee attending the training course, lost opportunities in sales or delivery during that time, travel costs, equipment, maybe even food and insurances. This doesn’t even take into consideration the employee’s time spent away from the office and therefore time not working with team members and on projects.

Mountain Goat Family

Lead the way with Training.

Disregarding these drawbacks, training will furnish benefits to the trained individuals and the organisation as a whole. The positive outputs that result from training will ensure a constructive investment has been made.

Increased productivity is the key driver to training. In some cases, re-training and re-assigning resources to different areas as part of a strategic initiative will require serious investments in training.

An Induction training is mandatory for new hires to make them dollar productive within a short period.

Consistency within the departments and organisation as a whole can be achieved through training. All employees will be provided with an equal platform of experience and knowledge attained through a standard training program. Having a mutual base understanding across the entire organisation ensures that even simple approaches to tasks such as documentation, email communications etc. are consistently interpreted and practiced.

Companywide policies, procedures and standards are more likely to be followed when training has ensued, ensuring consistent understanding of why and how they are applied.

With consistency comes improved performance for the business and the individual. With relevant training provided the employee becomes better at their job through enhanced productivity.

Training can facilitate the strengthening of skills and best practices. An employee that has the support of training will have a greater sense of confidence, as they have a better understanding of their role and how it fits into the business structure. A deeper understanding of one’s responsibilities within the organisation will lead to a sense of purpose and act as motivation. Regular training will ensure that employees are kept at the bleeding edge of their respective fields and industries, ensuring the organisations competitiveness within its chosen industries. Read More

Finally Microsoft is doing something I wanted!!

Xamarin is being acquired by Microsoft.

In conjunction with Visual Studio, Xamarin provides a rich mobile development offering that enables developers to build mobile apps using C# and deliver fully native mobile app experiences to all major devices – including iOS, Android, and Windows. 

Xamarin’s approach enables developers to take advantage of the productivity and power of .NET to build mobile apps, and to use C# to write to the full set of native APIs and mobile capabilities provided by each device platform. This enables developers to easily share common app code across their iOS, Android and Windows apps while still delivering fully native experiences for each of the platforms. Xamarin’s unique solution has fueled amazing growth for more than four years.

Xamarin has more than 15,000 customers in 120 countries, including more than one hundred Fortune 500 companies – and more than 1.3 million unique developers have taken advantage of their offering. 


Are you lending your users a helping hand?

Productivity Apps available to business users increase in numbers as the organisations grow.

The creation and maintenance of effective user documentation for each app is a contrast to this.

It is very time consuming to document processes to a high standard. 

It is inevitable that the development activities of software will become the focal point of a project, rather than documentation to meet the business demands. 

Ask a developer, They always do it on the last day.

At times, token user documentation will be hurriedly hacked together. It is often difficult for users to consume, but will from the developers perspective tick the user documentation box.


But is this really a big deal, if a motivated helpdesk Read More

Is App documentation stretching you too thin?

The ability to effectively maintain and monitor apps projects is heavily dependant on the documentation being readily available.

The presence of reliable documentation ensures that knowledge transfer to new or existing project team members is consistent and provided without relying on others to spend time away from project activities. 

Maintaining your app documentation also contributes to the quality of the end product, as there is a consistent interpretation of the project across the entire team.

App documentation can present itself in many forms across a range of mediums. Documents such as Read More

Are you On the move with a phone?

I have been working with my graphics team on a new concept recently. The guys were trying out some cool things. I was getting periodic updates and new ideas were flying left, right and centre. Typical work day.

Times up and I had to go to my Physio sessions for the day. Cormack will be grumpy if I am late. So, I hurried and Took the phone with me.

Cardio done and next is some leg work. While I was getting setup my iPhone beeps. I got an email with the final design. Woo hoo!!!

Clicked open the mail. I Looked at the attachment. Read More


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