5thMethod becomes a PowerToolz reseller

5thMethod, a USA based K2 Services Partner, has become a PowerToolz reseller. jeylabs and 5thMethod have signed a partnership agreement to deliver “K2 Five 5.x Success” to American enterprises.

jeylabs and 5thMethod will work closely to assist organizations to adopt the latest version of the K2’s low code platform and implement solid QA regimes using the PowerToolz suite.

5thMethod will be deploying jeylabs PowerToolz suite of products to its K2 customer environments delivering consistent, best-practices based Analysis, Workflow Conversion, Administration, Troubleshooting and Test Automation capabilities.

By leveraging 5thMethod‘s dedicated teams of highly skilled and experienced K2 consultants, jeylabs will be able to provide high-quality consulting services to its market-leading tools in the USA.

Are Robots the key to our Evolution?

Complexity has been increasing since the birth of our Universe. From nothing, everything came to be. The universe is one and all, as the energy that we are, came from, and part of, this Universe.

The possibility of a Multiverse is increasing as science untangles the mysteries of how did it all started and what will happen as the Universe expands. Lifeforms seem to have been engineered to evolve and become more and more complex in our ever expanding Universe.

We all have that inner voice which directs us to seek peace. We yearn for that calmness in our souls. We want to feel connected and understood. We want to contribute and be a part of bigger things. Humans are the only species we know of, who can communicate the emotions of love, the meaning of our worlds and our imaginations to others. As an intelligent species, we are also working to optimise our lives and become better at what we do and how we live.

The concept of a constant of time, the fact that it is limited, and it is the same amount available to everyone in a given day, is the next big thing, I predict that, we will break through. Whether it is Time travel or something completely new, we already seem to have been making great progress on that since the Stone Age.

Whether it is physical tools, language, techniques and expansion into territories, we have made massive progress. Invention of Cars gave us the choice of freedom. The power to go places was the ability unlocked by the ownership of mass market automobiles. Planes allowed us to Travel far distances faster. The Internet allowed us to do communicate and collaborate in an instant. Partnership between humans and machines is what took us to the Moon and We are now hoping to colonise Mars.

I sincerely believe that, Working Intelligently is crucial to our inner peace on Earth. That is why I am motivated to assist people and organisations optimise their business.

RPA – Robotic Process Automation – has the massive and immediate potential to break business users free from the shackles of Time. RPA can really help people to work intelligently. RPA can assist people not only automate a task at hand and do that faster. It can help people focus on the outcomes they are seeking at work on a daily basis. RPA can help elevate people to the next level. As organisations continue to deploy RPA and go beyond the current Automation First era, Software Robots will enable businesses across the globe to evolve to the next level.

At jeylabs, we promote Intelligent workspaces as part of a modern workplace to customers. This includes personal digital assistants to every information worker. Chatbots are already a big part of this. Keen to learn about how you can evolve your business to the next level with RPA? Check us out at: https://www.jeylabs.com

How are you Innovating?

What can you do to move your business to a higher level? Is there anything you could do today with the current state of technology.

Could the application of smart technology at your workplace,
Give you a competitive edge?
Give you cost reductions?
Give you risk reductions?
Give you access to freed up resources?
Give you back time?
Give you peace of mind?
Give you accelerated success?

We know it can.

This is mankind’s relentless pursuit of execution excellence.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is all the rage and for very good Reasons. Instead of continuing down the beaten path of building rule-based systems, you can now enhance them using AI and give your apps self-learning capabilities. Sounds like science fiction? Well, it is a current reality.

Instead of rebuilding or reconfiguring systems in a reactive mode, as business processes change and get challenged, your systems can truly become proactive because of their new learning abilities.

AI has very valid scenarios of application. Many enterprises have applied AI and have achieved some incredible outcomes.

Is this the right time for you to also embrace AI? And if so How best should you approach it?

Cloud has made it easy and efficient to access AI.

Machine learning has reached a point that, it is possible to train the machines with good quality, labelled, data sets and that their predictions can be ingenious and more accurate than humans.

NASA has a supercomputer that is flying around the globe (installed at the ISS) that is programmed to be autonomous.

Boston Dynamics has been building specialised robots with advanced mobility, agility, dexterity and speed.

We have been teaching machines specific things for a while now and boy they have learnt spectacularly well and are ready to serve us better in those specialised domains.

Some emerging areas of the potential application of AI technology for many of our customers are in the natural language processing, real-time translation, conversational, image/text and pattern recognition problem domains.

Areas where your ERP and backend systems hold a lot of historical LOB data is particularly good for applying AI. Good AI needs loads of data to train on.

jeylabs has implemented AI technology for internal use since mid-2015. We also partnered with reputable vendors in 2014 to bring AI technology to our customers.

We have implemented chatbots as interactive interfaces for our operational systems. We have a web bot, Skype bot and a Facebook messenger bot. I use them on a daily basis to find out the status of workflow items, action tasks and kick off business processes.

We have leveraged sentiment analysis in our marketing and customer support systems. This allows us to keep tabs on our brand’s reputation.

We have enhanced our Accounts payable and Expense claims processes by using AI. It gives us more of exactly what I have called out process intelligence in the past.

The benefits realised by us are around accurate data entry, better workflow routing, smart decision making and progressive improvements in recognising business activities and responding to them with far more insights than ever before.

Take a typical IT help desk, for example, historic reporting on the trouble tickets will tell you that perhaps the most requested calls for assistance were password resets and account lockouts. This could be now handled completely by a simple chat session powered By a natural language processing AI engine.

It can free up your resources from repetitive, boring and mundane tasks. You now just have to manage things by exception. As an example, if there was a suspicious password reset query. It can be flagged and escalated for human intervention. The AI can also learn from that escalation.

A contract management system may be enhanced with AI capabilities to provide users with suggestions around contract negotiations, proactive monitoring of dependencies and also market intelligence.

How far can you take these solutions? It is completely up to you and your needs. But, you can and ought to start now.

We suggest you play to your strengths and the technology’s strengths.

For example, you can pick those scenarios where there is an opportunity to simplify and enhance your internal staff experiences with chatbots.

Use existing application development or modernisation projects as a way to dip your toe into the AI waters.

We also recommend that you look at a proof of concept first and deploy a pilot to get user feedback before jumping into a full-blown program of works.

That will be your next step.

jeylabs partners with AI technology experts and product vendors to bring you tangible Outcomes.

Contact us via transform@jeylabs.com and schedule your Innovation workshop with jeylabs.

Is Your Workplace Intelligent?

Every Enterprise uses a workforce to execute its strategy. The ongoing issue is, many of them are not effective at execution.

To be great at execution a workforce needs to have the right people, good structure, motivation, training, support, tools and processes. Through the use of digital technologies that help build capability and capacity of workforces, leaders can create a workforce that is both effective and successful for the long haul.


We humans dominate this planet because we are intelligent. Through every stage of evolution we bettered our ancestors, in every way; whether it was language, tools or libraries. We continuously self-improved faster than other species and effectively passed on our knowledge to future generations.

To keep up with evolution, workplaces also must become intelligent, through incorporation of elements that promote continuous self-improvement. Today’s digital workplaces are implementing AI technologies to make this a reality.

A modern workforce demands a modern workplace. Gone are the days of reporting to an office for work at 8:30 am and finishing at 5pm every week day. Workplace is no longer a place we go to. Workforces are increasingly remote, global and operate from wherever and whenever. Information workers amongst all professions are the most that embracing the “do now” culture. People have blurring scopes of work, life and play. It is imperative that we take advantage of this change.

How can your organisation embrace a Modern Workplace? 

A modern workplace has to:

  • Reflect the execution elements of the business strategy
  • Help people self-learn and self-improve so that they can be efficient and successful
  • Allow people to be more independent and work Intelligently
  • Reinforce the brand that your people are part of
  • Allow ideas to flourish, to be heard and to be actioned
  • Empower people to self-train and self-assess their progress
  • Encourage people to become more efficient with their time and relieve the business from repetitive tasks by doing “smarter” allocation of roles and tasks
  • Allow freedom of choice and to capture the imagination of all involved within the brand
  • Create more leaders within the organisation
  • Systemise and optimise processes that work for your people through an intelligent digital platform

Business taking full ownership for these aspects of a workplace is critical. When we take complete responsibility for our workplace, we then earn the right to make the tough decisions to implement what it takes to make it our place of work.

Personal digital assistants for every worker, implemented using conversational Chat-bot technology, is a central part of our Intelligent Workplace offering. We believe in simplified application of technology as a way to increasing adoption and widespread use to improve the collective intelligence of a company’s workforce.

When we looked at technology platforms that are available to make this a reality, Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint jump out as an obvious platform of choice.

Using SharePoint as the centralised hub and base platform for your Modern workplace you can:

  • Build Chatbots to service people 24 x 7 and relieve staff of mundane, repetitive tasks
  • Build user dashboards as entry points to empower users with tailored information, action or kick off workflows and get to desired information quickly
  • Centralise, share, manage (version control), collaborate and search files and documents
  • Use OneDrive to store, connect to and share files and documents managed in SharePoint
  • Facilitates offline file and document access
  • Files and documents are backed up to the cloud by default
  • Build Apps (Process Optimisation)
  • Integrate all your backend systems
  • Build informative, departmentalised Intranets
The Modern Workplace platform we propose will :
  • Maintain a client-centric business and a consistent Customer and User Experience
  • Allow people to work smarter and more efficiently (onsite and remotely), but not comprise on quality and importantly your work culture
  • Systemise processes, but provide value and maintain the current culture
  • Look into what parts of the group where your business have to manage growth
  • Ensure tools allow an integrated transparency in to the business
  • Allow ease of collateral generation, sharing, collaboration and management
  • Encourage people (IT, Business, Users, Customers) to be more self-sufficient
  • Allows for transparency of process and data, allowing the business to make rapid decisions and act on data presented real time
  • Provide Deep integration and configurability options while drag and drop/low code customisation
  • Ensure there is lots of material to support to using the chosen tech stack

At jeylabs group, we have people that work on different time zones, different public holidays, some weekends, on planes, during in-between vacations and even do 2 hour work days. While this type of work mode is not suited to everyone and we don’t expect everyone to do this on day 1, We do encourage people to think differently about their work day. We encourage our staff to take charge of their work and figure out the best ways to work it out.

Recently one of our offices started to try out 100% working from home as a way of working. This is a major benefit to those staff who travel long distances to work every day or staff who stay in the cities for work away from their families. While working alone and working from home are not easy to pull off over a long period of time, having these options make people enjoy work and get more out of their lives on a daily basis.

Time is the only limiting factor across the world. Everything else can be negotiated. If we can do more of what we love we all be very happy. If we can live life and make work to  facilitate that then we all can become more happier.


We believe every enterprise can make this happen for their people. Every business should build modern digital intelligent workplaces for their workforce for this reason alone. And it is worth it.

Contact us on transform@jeylabs.com to learn how we can help you create intelligent workplaces for your organisation.


How are you Addressing the hidden cost of low code?

Author: Neil Ward-Dutton, MWD Advisors.

Low-code application development platforms can offer beleaguered teams huge benefits in terms of development velocity. However true application delivery agility – and through that, business agility – only comes when teams can optimise the whole delivery process. Few low-code application development platforms really work in ways that make that broader optimisation easy.

The low-code application development promise – fulfilled by K2 (and other vendors and products, too) – is about speed and agility. It’s simple: when you write less application code, you make faster progress.

The promise is enabled by tools that do the ‘heavy lifting’ of application development for you. They abstract away all the messy implementation details associated with low-level system interactions, as well as providing high-level specification tools specialised for building functionality that’s commonly required within particular domains. So, when you work with products from K2 and other similar vendors, you use high-level, graphical ‘model-driven’ specification tools that give you powerful shortcuts to developing workflow management functionality, task interaction forms and other application user interface elements, business data management functionality, reports and dashboards, and so on.

The tradeoff that comes when you use low-code application development platforms like these is that the code that does the ‘heavy lifting’ to deliver working application functionality behind the scenes is, by design, hidden from you. Some generate all the low-level code necessary to run applications standalone, and others provide high-level specifications that are interpreted by a proprietary application server at runtime; however all low-code application development platforms are in essence proprietary.

As the promise of low-code application development becomes more widely realised and organisations deliver more applications with speed and agility, so the applications they’re used to create are becoming more sophisticated, numerous and business-critical. It’s natural, in these cases, for organisations to make application quality assurance a high priority. What’s more, broader ‘DevOps’-related application delivery trends like continuous integration/continuous delivery – driven by cheap and flexible cloud infrastructure – depend on the ability to rapidly test and re-test application functionality.

When it comes to low-code application development platforms like the K2 platform, though, the most widely-established general-purpose software QA toolsets and approaches have limited applicability. This is the challenge that PowerToolz aims to address.

Low-code application development platforms can offer huge benefits in terms of development velocity. However true application delivery agility– and through that, business agility – only comes when teams can optimise the whole delivery process. Few low-code application development platforms really work in ways that make that broader optimisation easy.

jeylabs’ PowerToolz offers a suite of integrated automated testing and administration tools designed specifically for the K2 low-code application development platform, and through that, addresses the broader delivery agility challenge for K2 customers. All the core test automation bases are covered, and offered at a compelling price point. What’s particularly noteworthy is that by using the K2 application repository itself to store and manage testing artefacts alongside K2 application artefacts, PowerToolz delivers a number of significant quality management benefits that will help teams work with K2 quickly and effectively at scale.

You can download and evaluate the software from the PowerToolz website at https://powertoolz.com.au.

How best to Migrate Legacy Workflows to K2 Five 5.x?

When moving to the latest of K2, there are many important things to consider.

You will want a speedy and smooth move to the latest of K2. So, Educate yourself on the benefits and the process of upgrading. Knowledge is power. Here are some tips for you to review: https://jeylabs.com/products/k2/K2-Five

jEyLaBs is one of the 10 or so global technology alliance partners of K2. We have invested heavily on leveraging K2 technology over a number of K2 versions over the many years.

We have produced tools to assist with Test automation, Migration, Workflow Analysis & Conversion, Administration, monitoring and troubleshooting of K2 apps, smart objects, forms and workflows.

As a result, We have acquired deep and wide experience migrating and upgrading applications, data and users on K2.

Whether it involves File server drives, Lotus Notes, SQL, multi-forest ADs, SharePoint, ASP.NET, windows apps, Infopath, K2.Net 2003, blackpoint or blackpearl, we have been there since 2009, assisting many customers and partners to win.

We are here to help. Please Join us for a webinar (You can Win 1 of 5 Google Mini’s by participating in the Q&A) and accelerate your K2 Five 5.x success. Register at: https://jeylabs.com/events/PowerToolz

Why should you keep your low code apps platforms updated?

At jeylabs, we work with low code platforms a lot. We strongly believe that the software platforms update cycles are essential to see the best performance and optimal user experience of your investments on them.


Typically, when an update is released, the following are addressed:

Security Vulnerabilities get patched
First and foremost, updates will keep you safe from known security holes, not always in the product but maybe in the frameworks utilised or the Server operating system that the software runs on.

Better Functionality gets introduced
Updating your software will frequently provide enhanced capabilities, improved user experience and improvements to the underlying architecture of the software bringing improvements in the efficiency of OS resource usage and consequently improvements in speed and response times.

Bugs get eliminated  
When you begin using a brand-new installation of a piece of software, you gain the highest level of functionality available at that time. As the vendor continues the development of the software and users ask for more enhancements or uncover “undocumented features”, the validity of updates and upgrades come into play, fixing bugs, enhancing features and providing more efficient software.

It is important that the update cycles are reviewed with a keen eye. It is essential to get the best performance and optimal user experience from your financial outlays.

We are able to offer you some incredible offers to assist with keeping your software up to date. Contact us via update@jeylabs.com for more information.