Organising your SmartObject Data better….

When K2 blackpearl was released in 2007, one of the features that caught my eye was SmartBox.

SmartBox is a K2 managed data source that allowed citizen developers to create applications without having to worry about creating a database.

K2 SmartObjects can be stored in the SmartBox and it is one of the nifty things that I still use.

But, SmartBox is not for every app and every aspect of your K2 app.

In most usecases of an Enterprise app, you need to ensure your data is managed by you.

So, there are times when you need to move up from SmartBox and into managed databases.

Often this is not an easy thing do to. So you end up postponing this activity and build more and more things into your SmartBox.

Having the ability to move in and out of SmartBox at will, will help you be more agile with K2.

We have just given you that ability with this new PowerToolz release.

Please go and get an Eval of PowerToolz now at

Does hard work, work?

Hard work only works when you apply it smart.

I believe hard work is absolutely important. But, if you are not smart as to how you go about putting your effort, where, when, how often and how long, then you will never see the fruits of your labour.

Mere hard work of slogging out at a job or a task, day in and day out, does not give anyone anything, anymore.

You only need to look at stats coming from the US to realise that the average salaries have dropped for jobs while the average costs of most things have gone up.

Sharpening the Saw is important to everyone in today’s drop shipping world. The cloud has made a lot of things possible and if you are simply following the path in front of you, please think again.

At jEyLaBs, we constantly challenge the status quo. We reinvent ourselves regularly. We question our decisions, challenge them and revisit them to ensure our system of thinking and decision making stays smart. Continue reading “Does hard work, work?”

How to deliver K2 projects successfully?

jEyLaBs is running an Information event in Melbourne this September. We are inviting decision makers, Project managers, Business managers and Technical leads that are looking at K2 for workflow process automation projects to attend this event at Rialto.

Often people spend time and money investing in software platforms with unrealistic expectations and end up wondering whether they were sold on a Lemon. Delivering on the promise takes some effort and we are at the forefront of making K2 work for our customers.

Come and learn from our experts on how to deliver tangible ROI and ensure you avoid the common pit falls on K2 projects.

Topic : How to deliver K2 projects successfully?
When : 24 September 2014
Time : 11:30am to 1:00pm
Location : Melbourne – Rialto

In this lunch and learn event you will learn from our years of experience, the secrets to successfully delivering K2 projects. Jey Srikantha, Founder & CEO of jEyLaBs, will lead an interactive session and share interesting and insightful stories from the trenches.

Do not miss this invite only event. Please register your interest here.