Conversational bots are stealing the show

Chat-bots are another way of humanising user interactions. Instead of us issuing commands, bots are now understanding our speech with greater accuracy. Interacting with systems using natural language is a phenomenal experience. In a global economy, reaching a multilingual customer base is crucial. There’s also a big difference between talking to customers in a language they understand and speaking their language. Chatting with bots allows for group conversations, suggestions, real-time […]

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We have released V3 of the PowerToolz Express today. The workflow converter for K2 now includes the following new features:

  1. Basic Authentication support for K2 Managed Cloud
  2. Loading legacy workflows by category/folder (Screenshot attached below)


Download the latest version via


You Can Drive Effective Customer Journeys using Bots – So What?

jEyLaBs and IXOM have been experimenting with the use of Chatbots within the context of the enterprise. IXOM is a leading industrial chemical manufacturer based in Melbourne. jEyLaBs is their application development partner and both have jointly won the Nintex Customer Solution Innovation award in April 2018. At the Digital Workplace Conference being held next week in Melbourne, Gary Sasse from jeylabs and Rick Kukwa from IXOM will jointly share their learning and present an interesting case study for how and why Chatbots can […]

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A Universal Approach to Great Success in Any Services Industry.

I was inspired by an article I read recently about recruitment. This post is predominantly a take on that. It is not surprising that how this content can be applied to virtually any service industry. Here’s is how you could become a Great IT Consultant. The same Traits I encourage you to develop, apply to many service industries. The 7 Traits of The Great IT Consultant   I’ve worked with many […]

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PowerToolz 5.1 is out

PowerToolz 5.1 has been released with official support for K2 Five (5.1). We have introduced a new feature allowing for PowerScript Execution through API. The API makes execution of PowerScripts, coder friendly. You can use this from a Visual Studio Test project and make PowerToolz Test Automation integrated as part of your Continuous Integration processes. The API is purpose built to facilitate developers to automate PowerToolz itself. jEyLaBs.PowerToolz.PowerTester.Client can be referenced […]

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How are you Innovating?

What can you do to move your business to a higher level? Is there anything you could do today with the current state of technology. Could application of smart technology at your workplace, Give you a competitive edge? Give you cost reductions? Give you risk reductions? Give you access to freed up resources? Give you back time? Give you peace of mind? Give you accelerated success? We know it can. […]

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Food for thought : Are you automating your Processes Intelligently?

Join our upcoming Lunch & Learn session with Nintex on June 13th in Melbourne. jeylabs has been heavily invested into the enterprise process automation market since our inception. We entered into a partnership with Nintex last year in Australia to take our business process optimisation offerings even further. Our teams of consultants have decades of Workflow, Forms and process automation expertise. We are now ushering in the next wave of […]

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