Is Your Workplace Intelligent?

Every Enterprise uses a workforce to execute its strategy. The ongoing issue is, many of them are not effective at execution. To be great at execution a workforce needs to have the right people, good structure, motivation, training, support, tools and processes. Through the use of digital technologies that help build capability and capacity ofContinue reading “Is Your Workplace Intelligent?”

How best to Migrate Legacy Workflows to K2 Five 5.x?

When moving to the latest of K2, there are many important things to consider. You will want a speedy and smooth move to the latest of K2. So, Educate yourself on the benefits and the process of upgrading. Knowledge is power. Here are some tips for you to review: jEyLaBs is one of the 10 orContinue reading “How best to Migrate Legacy Workflows to K2 Five 5.x?”