Are you asking these questions before making the move to Cloud?

Cloud is all the rage and businesses are moving to AWS, Azure, Google and others in droves.

Are you simply following the path of your competitors or peers? Or are you making an informed decision?

Here are some critical questions to answer, before you consider moving your business operations to any cloud.


Does it make Financial sense?

There is no better time to move to cloud. The cost of cloud infrastructure is plummeting and it is all great news for the business cloud software providers. Their Software as a service offerings provide much more value for your money.

However, add up the subscription costs of all your various cloud apps you will need before you make the move.

What are you spending on your IT people, IT Infrastructure and insurances?

What help you need to move your operations to the cloud without impacting the business?

Remember Cost and Price are very different things. Something that is priced low may cost you a lot more in the long run. So, it is important to run your numbers for the foreseeable future and check that they stack up.

Does it meet your Security needs?

Not all your business operations can be moved to cloud on day one. Some aspects should not be moved at all. But, most can be and some should be.

There are sensitivie aspects of your business that should remain much more closely guarded. But, ask the question whether your external hard disk is the right place to safely store your critical information?

Does it concern you if your customer data get exposed on the internet? Will that concern become more amplified if you move all your data to cloud?

Will it Improve Productivity?

With a global market and a dynamic workforce, we all need flexible systems to work effectively. If your employees can contribute to revenue generation from anywhere and at any time, then that ought to help your top line.

Does your current setup of business support systems allow for this? Would Cloud provide better support for it?

Will it help run the business your way?

The last thing you need with any so called improvement is to lose control of your business.

You may have put processes in place to run your business your way. And that setup may have to change.

This is probably a good time to re-evaluate or re-engineer some old ways of doing things.

It is okay to keep what works though.

If the the move to cloud helps your business to run as per your vision and enhances the company culture, the move will benefit your business.

Will it help your business grow?

By moving to Cloud, will you be able to serve your customers better? Can you expand into new territories? Can you scale your offerings with new products and services? Does it help you innovate faster?

A business that doesnt grow, will die quickly.

Any strategic move such as taking your operations to Cloud will have to help you grow. If you think it doesnt in the immediate future then do not move.

If you need help with perfoming a bias free impact analysis on the potential move of your business operations to cloud, please contact us via

We are here to help.

How to Accelerate your success with K2 projects?

K2 has been used by many global organisations as a reliable business apps platform to streamline operations. More than 1.5 million users in over 84 countries – including 30 of the Fortune 500 companies – use K2 to improve operational efficiency.

I have personally worked with some great organisations and well known brands on these projects over the years. Our gloabl teams at jEyLaBs has been delivering K2 projects for over 8 years now and our K2 Centre of Excellence has been growing in numbers year on year.

Successful Project delivery is all about understanding the stakeholders, their changing needs and managing the challenges that comes along during the project. A very well decorated Project management professional told me this years ago. He also told me that any PM is only as successful as the last project she managed.

Statistics say that General IT project activity is on the rise and so are the project failures. Over 33% of all projects reported have been failed. The point is 1 in every 3 projects are failing. This is not a good thing.

Bulk of our experience delivering K2 projects has been rescuing those failing or failed projects. This gives us a unique perspective and insights into project failures and how best to deliver projects when it comes to K2 technology. jEyLaBs regularly hosts events on this topic.

Here’s my tip. Delivering success is all about the timing. Acceleration of delivery is the essence here. Deliver it now and deliver it daily. jEyLaBs Deliver Daily methodology is all about this.

If you accelerate your small successful pieces of delivery you will ultimately succeed with the project.

We believe in running Project specific training, using Project Specific tools such as PowerToolz for K2 and following tailored best practices to suit your team and tasks.

If you are keen about accelerating your K2 project success, please drop me a line at

5 Tips to Accelerating Success with K2 Projects

5 Tips to Accelerate K2 Project Success

At jEyLaBs, our daily routine mainly involves project delivery. We work on projects that apply technology such as K2 to solve serious business problems. This typically involves building apps to remove business process bottlenecks, reduce paper use, provide new ways to conduct business transactions and support executives to make precise business decisions.

Our projects have no choice but to succeed and increasingly the pressure is on us to help our customers succeed fast.

We have employed various techniques to help our K2 project delivery and perfected them over time. We dropped some outdated practices, we tuned many of the traditional software engineering practices to suit our needs and also created some drastically different ways of doing things.

I am very excited to share the following tips with you from our K2 project delivery play book. I am sure these will help your projects succeed.

Tip 1: Consistently apply an Agile approach

Agile is a given. But, of all the organisations employing an agile approach IT project delivery, only a small percentage actually do it right and do it consistently. Continue reading “5 Tips to Accelerating Success with K2 Projects”

5 tips to thrive in a BYOA world

Love it or hate it, users are bringing cloud based apps on phones, tablets and laptops to their workplaces every day.

Remember back when Internet banking took off, employees used to checking balances, paying bills, etc on their work PCs. These days they are doing a lot more than banking with a ton of apps on their work devices.

These apps cover areas as varied as social communications, task management, photo/content editing, news, media, travel, games, sports, and so on. Cloud apps are utilised by corporate users at work time to be efficient with their day to day transactions.

These days, Most mobile device users have data plans they can utilise with whatever apps they have whenever and where ever, regardless of the actual network they are connected to. Even if they are on a company provided device and network, they will continue using their favourite apps. 4G data connections are fast enough and they don’t cost a fortune.

BYOA is the new norm and is now part of the popular work style. So, CIOs need to embrace BYOA to continue providing an effective technology environment to enhance user productivity.

But, Leaving things in the hands of knowledge workers is not an effective corporate strategy.

So, how do you thrive in this brave new world? Continue reading “5 tips to thrive in a BYOA world”

jEyLaBs Accounts Payable Dashboard

In the Enterprise, Accounts payable processes typically involve a lot of time-consuming tasks. These are mostly manual and involve cross-checking many things. Supplier details, Purchase order details, Invoice details are just a few of the pieces. Running an efficient AP department impacts cash flow.

jEyLaBs Capture Enabled Workflow for Accounts Payable Dashboard is designed to streamline these AP business processes.


The AP Dashboard is built as a highly configurable solution. It provides a central place to securely view and manage incoming Invoices.

You can utilise mobile devices to view in-depth reports and make decisions on the go.

You can increase efficiency and reduce on-going costs by minimising errors and delays.

This is achieved by:

  • Capturing documents (scans, email, electronic documents)
  • Processing documents into business-ready data through complex OCR automation
  • Bringing data into highly optimised business process workflow for validation and approval
  • Exporting approved data to finance systems

Our solution is built upon world-leading technology platforms in ABBYY and K2.

ABBYY fulfils the data capture and document processing into business-ready data.

K2 utilises the business-ready data to execute the critical business workflows required by an AP solution. Continue reading “jEyLaBs Accounts Payable Dashboard”

Why PowerToolz ?

PowerToolz for K2 is a purpose built productivity tool for K2 users.

It is developed for the use of K2 administrators, Process Owners, Business managers, Application users, IT Support Staff, Developers, Testers and Consultants.

PowerToolz provides deep insights into K2 applications, their composition, behaviour and the environment they reside on.

You can administer & support your K2 environment and K2 applications very efficiently using PowerToolz.

PowerToolz has a rich set of features designed specifically for the various K2 user groups and their unique needs in mind.

Continue reading “Why PowerToolz ?”

Book your PowerToolz Training

jEyLaBs PowerToolz for K2 has been used by many customers around the world for efficient testing, administration and management of K2 applications. The current version of PowerToolz is 3.5 and it includes mobile apps, Visual Studio plug-in, Scheduler, Test planning and many rich reports.

Our PowerToolz training course enables participants with hands-on knowledge of the PowerToolz for K2 product. This Course arms you with the knowledge on how the tool helps to automate many aspects of K2 such as testing, administration and management.

PowerToolz training course focuses heavily on how PowerToolz integrates with the K2 environment to deliver efficient automated testing.

The training is portioned into five sessions with corresponding practical self assessments to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the material covered in each session.

This is an online course delivered by our PowerToolz consultants. At the start of each session, time is allocated to provide participants to ask questions and fortify their knowledge. Both development and managerial staff are welcome to participate and contribute to the sessions. Our trainers cater for staff with various levels of technical knowledge and experience.

The course also covers functional and administration features of PowerToolz in detail. It is delivered as 5 sessions and you can pick and choose the sessions. See the details below and email us at to book your Training.

PowerToolz Course Session Details
PowerToolz Course Session Details