We have heard this before. Yes, Quality takes time. It also takes talent and tested techniques to deliver high quality output. I think, above all, ATTITUDE of the people involved is what makes the magic.



Team is the most important piece of any project puzzle. Time, Talent and Technique can be negotiated in any project. One can use very experienced people who inherently know all the techniques, have access to great tools of trade and talent to handle them and get the job done.

One can also negotiate the time required to deliver a project’s outcomes. You can even add resources to increase delivery capacity. You can use time and price to negotiate the minimum value product you deliver to your customer.

You can do all this to achieve output that is acceptable by your various stakeholders.

BUT, none of this will help you achieve superior quality outcomes if you have people with the wrong attitude in your delivery teams.


What does it take to deliver, Quality?

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