Securing your PII is simple. But, are you doing it?

All cyber-attacks exploit personal information often leaked via email. Hackers use your information against you in carefully crafted social engineering attacks. While the internet is free for everyone to join and use, it is equally open for people with malicious intent to leverage. The data that is transferred across this vast public network is notContinue reading “Securing your PII is simple. But, are you doing it?”

What to make of the New Nintex?

On the 1st of October Nintex announced its acquisition of K2. While this news broke as a surprise to many within both companies and the partner eco-system, I, for one, am very excited about the upcoming great consolidation. The combined entity will have 10K+ customers and 200+ million in ARR. That should create a strongContinue reading “What to make of the New Nintex?”

How to work the Digital Economy?

Are you an employee working for someone? Are you a freelancer trading your time? There is nothing wrong being a loyal employee. If you love your team, culture, company and the mission, there is no issue being a part of it. We have an amazing team of staff that help propel our brand forward andContinue reading “How to work the Digital Economy?”