jEyLaBs Video : Migrate to SharePoint

Risk of Legacy is high when it comes to Technology. You cannot sit with hope and wait for the next wave to pass. Your competitors are moving fast and your customers are too. Look what happened to Blackberry? We must actively seek to understand and manage our systems and application risks. You can Talk toContinue reading “jEyLaBs Video : Migrate to SharePoint”

PowerToolz supports SmartForms

We have released an updated version of our flagship PowerToolz. This release supports testing process applications built for SmartForms as the UI. K2 SmartForms revolutionises building forms apps on K2 by using SmartObjects. jEyLaBs PowerToolz now leverages SmartObjects extensively to make SmartForms process app testing much more intuitive. If you are building SmartForms apps checkoutContinue reading “PowerToolz supports SmartForms”