K2 Releases Package and Deployment Tool

K2 just RTM’ed their Package and Deployment tool (PnD). PnD is a utility for promoting K2 assets, including Workflows, SmartObjects and SmartForms, between K2 environments. PnD has been in Beta for quite some time and it is great to see it getting released. You can upgrade from Beta 2, Beta 2 TR or Beta 3Continue reading “K2 Releases Package and Deployment Tool”

3 reasons to work with a Niche Player

Most enterprises tend to do business with a select group of companies. The reason is simple. It is to reduce risks associated with the business transaction. I think selecting Niche players as technology suppliers is the best thing for any organisation. Niche players have 3 key attributes that attracts me towards them and they are:Continue reading “3 reasons to work with a Niche Player”