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    Dynamic Escalations

    I came across a query on how to make escalation configurations to be dynamic in K2. The user wanted escalations to be reset when a process datafield is changed.

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    The Essence of Escalations

    what a lovely morning …you are busily working through your tasklist. before that 10 am meeting you need to finish these last 3 items… and you hit a snag! You need help. You need it now. Usually it is not that easy… But, you can get help and get it formally if you have had escalations in place. Escalation is a management tool. it helps the managers to help employees […]

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    Dynamic Business Applications (DBAs) continued….

    So Dynamic Business Applications (DBAs) are cool. But, how do we build them? What should we look for when designing them?How are they different to OO design?are they different?

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    Dynamic Business Applications

    Changes are so dynamic in this world, in our environment and in business. They say “Change is the only constant”. I say “Change is a dynamic constant”. We the human race, race to control this change to our convenience constantly. that is our heritage. building business applications in this tradition is a natural transiton that has been the trend in IT with different degrees of success. Looking at bits of […]

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    The power of simplicity

    When we look at business process automation, in most cases, we are talking about electronic forms automation. That is the human side of BPA. Most business applications have forms and reports (what more is there from a user perspective? 🙂 If we can get users to build these applications (they know what forms/reports they want) and make it simple and a satisfying experience then we can get IT to focus […]

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    Buy or Build

    The “Buy vs Build” argument is an age old one. It is still a very important one that we encounter in our lives many many times. some times the decision is easy, simple and very clear. at other times it is not. when you can make the decision and see the pros and cons clearly it is just natural. such as do you make a sandwich or buy one from […]

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    Composability is a paradigm shift – Chris Keyser on The Architecture Journal

    Chris Keyser the lead architect for Microsoft’s Global ISV team wrote an article on the MSDN architecture Journal 10 on composite applications. the full article is here: He wrote business process application assembly capability will be demanded by end users. And this will have to be delivered. We will see vendors bringing these features in the products. I am a fan of application orchestration. As a lazy coder I […]

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