Workflow Transformer is coming

As K2 celebrates its 20 years of innovation at the K2 FastFWD virtual event this week, jeylabs is also marking the occasion by announcing our continued commitment to innovation in the K2 space by way of a new product. This is the 12th year of operations (and continued global technology alliance partnership with K2) forContinue reading “Workflow Transformer is coming”

Will Virgin Australia survive this lockdown?

I still remember the time around the collapse of Ansett. It was a daily talking topic on radio and TV. There was a last minute rescue attempt by Aussie billionaires which gave a glimpse of hope to the many employees but unfortunately did not eventuate. Ansett Australia was a major Australian airline group, based inContinue reading “Will Virgin Australia survive this lockdown?”

How to Get Signatures quickly and safely?

When working remotely from home, It is paramount that you get approvals and decisions made fast.  FACT: Internet is not secure. Email is not private. This means when you send any sensitive information via email it is highly likely to be stolen. FACT: Over 90% of all cyber attacks use sensitive information leaked from emails.  WhenContinue reading “How to Get Signatures quickly and safely?”