How are you Addressing the hidden cost of low code?

Author: Neil Ward-Dutton, MWD Advisors. Low-code application development platforms can offer beleaguered teams huge benefits in terms of development velocity. However true application delivery agility – and through that, business agility – only comes when teams can optimise the whole delivery process. Few low-code application development platforms really work in ways that make that broaderContinue reading “How are you Addressing the hidden cost of low code?”

3 Tips for Successful Digital Transformation

This Pandemic has forced all of us to adopt digital technology at a much faster rate than anyone could have ever imagined. In this post, we share some tips from our decades of experience helping people and businesses go digital. Tip 1 : Digitize Data at the Port of Entry Digital Business Transformation can beContinue reading “3 Tips for Successful Digital Transformation”

How best to utilise digital signatures in your business?

Quite often business documents require input and sign off from multiple people. If your business is large then you will routinely require many people across multiple departments to review, agree and sign off on quite a few documents. By implementing digital signatures, your business can improve the speed and efficiency it takes to sign offContinue reading “How best to utilise digital signatures in your business?”