How to systemise and save over 75% of admin time?

Are you a business owner looking to scale your business? it is critical to reduce admin time and any non-revenue generating tasks as you scale and grow your business. As the last thing you want when you accelerate is for the wheels to come off the wagon. I am a business owner and tech entrepreneur.Continue reading “How to systemise and save over 75% of admin time?”

The Awakening of a Giant – Quantum

Physicists have been talking about the power of Quantum for over 25 years. Our ability to manipulate individual quantum particles is allowing us to develop new disruptive technologies in computing, communications, and sensing. The second Quantum revolution, where you’re using the quantum mechanics to do everything for you, is going to be the game changer. It willContinue reading “The Awakening of a Giant – Quantum”

Is ERP still relevant?

Software is surely eating the world. SaaS startups are piece meal’ing one business problem at a time. This is certainly improving productivity of individuals and enabling small enterprises to become more efficient. But, are businesses setting themselves up to paying more in the long run? Cloud based applications to run businesses is the way toContinue reading “Is ERP still relevant?”