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jEyLaBs mission is to empower people to make the most of their time at work. PowerToolz, enhances the users’ overall K2 experience while simplifying many steps.

Upgrade to PowerToolz to administer and manage your K2 even faster using the following new features:

SmartForms Action User Functionality – Impersonating as a Different User

Using PowerToolz the default Action User can impersonate as a different Action User so you only need to log in once when testing a process with multiple users. This saves you time and no frustration logging in as different users and remembering long passwords or forgeting them and locking those accounts  out 🙂

It used to be the case that, you need to log in as the user when testing a SmartForms app. If the App had 5 different approver users, you need to open 5 browser sessions and log in 5 times. Not the case any more!

The “Action User” can be selected from either:

  • The K2 SmartObject for Active Directory Users
  • Active Directory

SmartToolz – New User Interface

PowerToolz now includes SmartToolz, an easy to operate user interface. This enables non-technical people to complete tasks in PowerToolz.

This was developed using K2 smartforms and will now allow mass adoption of PowerToolz in your organisation.


SmartToolz can be used with K2 4.6.11 and later versions only. If you need help upgrading let us know by emailing us ( 

Request an evaluation of PowerToolz ( to accelerate your K2 project success.

How are you testing your K2 applications? If your answer doesnt include any automation, you really need to read this post.

Most organistation we speak to on a daily basis are under pressure to:

  • deliver high quality solutions on time and on budget
  • manage K2 efficiently
  • ensure your K2 environment and applications are performing optimally

But they lack a single solution to automate tests and effectively manage their K2 environments.

In addition, we see our clients spending money on manual testing, administration and troubleshooting that is only going to increase every year.

This is an unnecessary drain on IT, not only for their high costs but also for the scarce resources needed to maintain these systems.

A complication is that IT relies on traditional methods (manual testing and no regression testing) that are not only inadequate, but that have in fact added to the complexity and cost of IT development.

To compound the issue, the business loses faith in IT due to inconsistent application delivery.

The implications to relying on these traditional methods are:

  • slow, costly application delivery
  • bug ridden applications
  • risk of non-compliance if functionality is not correctly maintained
  • no time to react when systems are down
  • the loss of confidence from the business to commission IT to develop more applications

There are some key benefits to test automation when it comes to K2 apps.

These benefits span the entire user population including Information users, Administrators, Testers and App designers/developers.

Users appreciate the quality of deployments that Test automation brings. There is nothing painful like a deployment of an app update that gone wrong. Users will have to deal with the roll back and put up with a broken application.

K2 Administrators can utilise test scripts to monitor health of all K2 apps and their components. All your SmartObjects, their backend services, Forms, views, and workflow processes need careful monitoring. Admins can also troubleshoot and confidently amend process instances to reduce manual rework by users.

The key benefits for Testers include reducing errors with test setup. A consistent set of regression test cases is the ultimate goal of any test automation effort. The ability to compare test case performances through reporting and rapid turnaround with additional test case creation is priceless.

The changes and updates are part of the App lifecycle. It is actually a healthy sign of an app actually being used. But, you need to be ready to ensure the quality of the change is as expected. Test automation gives you this ability.

Developers and App Designers with access to test automation software that is purpose built for their app platform comes out as the real winners. They enjoy all the benefits of the user groups I mentioned and more. They get to use the tools very productively while they are developing the application too. This allows them to use the test cases as design aid and confirm and validate logic and changes.

Using PowerToolz for K2, Unit testing of K2 workflows can be scripted. SmartObject and K2 SmartForm interactions can be scripted. Reproducing process state across Dev/test/production environments can be scripted. Environment clean up can be scripted. Even the test script deployments can be scripted.

This ability to script gives you the power to reuse, share and also schedule execution. PowerToolz automates many aspects of K2.

PowerToolz is the only comprehensive test automation tool available for K2 that ensures integrity and quality of your critical business apps built on K2.

The benefit to your organisation is:

  • you will save time and money allowing you to build more apps or re-invest elsewhere
  • produce more reliable applications
  • ensure systems are up and running when the business requires them
  • instil confidence within the IT department

To download an evaluation version of PowerToolz, click here :


We have seen this time and time again. We build a SharePoint application or a K2 workflow that loads user information from Active Directory to route a task or send a notification. App works in Dev and Test but fails miserably in UAT or even worse in Production.

All successful business applications and workflows rely on a well maintained database of employee and contractor personal and profile information. The source of truth is usually Microsoft Active Directory or Azure Active Directory.

Unfortunately, AD/AAD doesn’t maintain itself.

Company restructure, people being hired, fired and promoted all lead to information becoming out of date. People do not automatically update this information as they do not see it as relevant. If prompted by company policy, the process is usually time consuming and complicated.

How do you solve this?  Check out this smart solution –

How Does it Work?

Hyperfish uses new technologies such as machine learning, advanced analytics, and Hyperbot™ technology to dramatically improve directory content in three phases:


Hyperfish constantly monitors directories for inconsistent, invalid, aged, and missing information identifying what needs to be updated or verified. 


By searching profile information across internal networks, public data sources, and social networks, Hyperfish gathers suggestions to make it easier for users to validate and add information.


Hyperfish individually reaches out to users to request and validate information via a personalized email request based on the information required and user preferences.

Directory updates can then be automatically applied or sent to an Administrator for approval.

Hyperfish makes it super easy to keep information such as phone numbers, reporting lines, and profile pictures fresh with little to no IT overhead.

Try a free analysis here :

Are you Getting the best ROI from your K2 investment?


Accelerate your success with our K2 Assistance Programs.

Common Problems

  • Limited technical K2 talent
  • Maintaining and updating K2 applications
  • Development costs
  • K2 application and environment quality assurance
  • K2 administration
  • Insufficient reporting capability
  • Aligning your business strategy with your IT investment

Our Solution – K2 Assistance Programs by jEyLaBs

  • Tailored Online K2 Training
  • Tailored K2 Support Packages
  • K2 Onshore and Offshore Resourcing
  • PowerToolz for K2 for Test Automation
  • Reveal data insights with Power BI integration
  • Business Coaching – How to Deliver K2 Successfully
  • General K2 Consulting


  • K2 training at your own pace
  • K2 experts looking after your K2 environment
  • Reduce your K2 development costs
  • Instil confidence with solid QA
  • Deliver on time and on budget
  • Make informed decisions with reliable data
  • Solid ROI for your K2 investment

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SharePoint has been a popular application framework for organisations. It has been providing us with capabilities to build apps and automate various business processes using workflows.

Yet, it poses challenges such as;

  • Managing a portfolio of applications
  • Providing rich mobile access for multiple devices
  • Sharing applications with colleagues
  • Design and develop applications with minimal code
  • Decoupling the business logic from the application to cloud
  • Inability to access multiple data sources seamlessly

Microsoft’s PowerApps and Flow are the ideal solution to overcome the above challenges.PowerAppSamples.png

Microsoft’s PowerApps is a framework to create applications easily in the cloud. Using PowerApps we can leverage:

  • Mobile first forms
  • Easily connect to multiple data sources
  • Custom code using azure functions

Microsoft’s FLOW is used to automate business processes by using the rich capabilities of Microsoft Azure Logic Apps. With the multiple built-in templates to select in FLOW, the effort needed to build applications is minimised drastically.


Using PowerApps, modern lists in SharePoint Online can be configured effortlessly as data sources to develop a mobile first application within minutes. To enhance the functionality of the App, just add business process automation with FLOW.

jEyLaBs has a large SharePoint delivery team which includes Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals (MVP) and certified cloud developers. Our team of experts can help you with cloud solutions and accelerate your project success.

Please contact us via

When K2 blackpearl was released in 2007, one of the features that caught my eye was SmartBox.

SmartBox is a K2 managed data source that allowed citizen developers to create applications without having to worry about creating a database.

K2 SmartObjects can be stored in the SmartBox and it is one of the nifty things that I still use.

But, SmartBox is not for every app and every aspect of your K2 app.

In most usecases of an Enterprise app, you need to ensure your data is managed by you.

So, there are times when you need to move up from SmartBox and into managed databases.

Often this is not an easy thing do to. So you end up postponing this activity and build more and more things into your SmartBox.

Having the ability to move in and out of SmartBox at will, will help you be more agile with K2.

We have just given you that ability with this new PowerToolz release.

Please go and get an Eval of PowerToolz now at

“Best practices” as we know are often preached by a set of people and practised by another. We want to turn this scenario on its head and bring the people practices to the foreground and challenge the so called industry best practices.

jEyLaBs is excited to be releasing a video series on Master classes in Business Technology Consulting.

This series will be covering interesting discussions around new age app design, implementation, consulting, offshoring, infrastructure, automation, startups and business fundamentals.

We are bringing insights from Tech industry in these videos. Several experienced professionals will be featured in each of these classes and share their views on what is their practice around their favourite topic.


Using our vast networks of talented people we are aiming find the True best practices in Business, Technology and Consulting and present it to you unedited.

We are interested in hearing from every one of you as much giving everyone the chance to learn from the best.

Through this series we will discover what the real people’s practices are and how they compare to the established standards of practice.

We look forward to sharing this Journey with you in the coming weeks and months. If you are keen to participate as a guest or as an audience member please contact us via

Hard work only works when you apply it smart.

I believe hard work is absolutely important. But, if you are not smart as to how you go about putting your effort, where, when, how often and how long, then you will never see the fruits of your labour.

Mere hard work of slogging out at a job or a task, day in and day out, does not give anyone anything, anymore.

You only need to look at stats coming from the US to realise that the average salaries have dropped for jobs while the average costs of most things have gone up.

Sharpening the Saw is important to everyone in today’s drop shipping world. The cloud has made a lot of things possible and if you are simply following the path in front of you, please think again.

At jEyLaBs, we constantly challenge the status quo. We reinvent ourselves regularly. We question our decisions, challenge them and revisit them to ensure our system of thinking and decision making stays smart. Continue reading “Does hard work, work?”

SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) 2016 is the latest release of sql server based reporting solution by Microsoft.

SSRS forms part of Microsoft Business Intelligence suite which includes SSIS (SQL Server Integration Services) and SSAS (SQL Server Analysis Services).

First introduced in SQL Server 2005, Reporting Services has become one of the most important SQL Server subsystems, it enables you to design and run reports using data from SQL Server relational and Analysis Services databases. While it’s been incredibly useful since its inception, it hasn’t had many significant updates over the past few SQL Server releases. That has definitely changed with the SQL Server 2016 release. Reporting Services in SQL Server 2016 boasts some significant, and very welcome, new features. Continue reading “Why SSRS 2016 for Better Business Reporting?”