Are you overworked typing data?

Documents arrive into businessees via traditional post, emails or electronically via other systems. This is a new decade, yet we still deal with important documents that are paper based.

When tackling paper, we rely on our eyes and typing skills to get this information into our respective electronic systems. Boredom sets in with repetitive work and our focus starts to degrade.

When approvals are required, chasing down people, especially management, is a real sore point within most organizations.

It can take days and sometimes months to get that sign-off we need to progress our objectives.

How much is this costing you, your company?


1st, Improve Efficiency

  • Do more without having to increase resources
  • Deliver the right information to the right people at the right time, to allow them to make more informed decisions
  • Execute all processes in a consistent manner

2nd, we want to improve visibility to both customers & employees. We want to understand the Who, the What, the When and the How of their processes.

3rd is to reduce costs by faster process execution times through business rules, automation, and escalations to name a few.

Last is to respond to change by rapidly responding to evolving and changing business circumstances.


Based on pre-defined salary assumptions and time to complete tasks, we have arrived at the following. We would be more than happy to work with you on your specific times and costs at a later stage.

  • Cost for processing a single invoice is $12. Times that by the number of invoices you receive and we start to get the real picture.
  • Our solution achieves the following:
    • Reduces invoice processing time by over 60%
    • Reduces approval time by over 60%
    • Reduces human error due to automation and significant time saving on report generation
  • Reduces the cost of processing an invoice to $4 per invoice. This gives you cost savings for processing a single invoice of $8

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