How to cost an app?

The most common question we get asked is how long and how much money will it take to build an app?

Unfortunately, the answer isn’t a generic “$20,000 and we can build any app”. Instead, we generally explain to customers that answering “How much does it cost to build an app?” is just as difficult as answering “How much does a house to build a house?”.

If we were looking at building a house, questions like these would drastically impact the budget required:

  1. How many rooms will the house have?
  2. What finishing materials will it be built out of?
  3. How many levels/stories will it have?
  4. Do you want a pool?

Similarly, when building an app, questions like the following would all alter the final cost and time frame required to build an app:

• How many devices will the app be built on ie. Apple, Android, Windows, Website?
• How many different types of users will use the app? Using eBay as an example this could be Buyers, Sellers, eBay Admin/Staff logins, etc
• Will people have to make payments via the app?
• Does it connect with any external software ie. Bluetooth devices, sales inventory systems, social media platforms, CRM or accounting systems, etc?
• Will it use Location functionality?
• How many instances off the application do we need to host around the world?

To get started in understating what it will cost to build your app, email with the Subject title “I want to know more about How to Determine the cost of my App” and a comprehensive guide as a starting point will be emailed back to you.

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