Is Your Workplace Intelligent?

Every Enterprise uses a workforce to execute its strategy. The ongoing issue is, many of them are not effective at execution.

To be great at execution a workforce needs to have the right people, good structure, motivation, training, support, tools and processes. Through the use of digital technologies that help build capability and capacity of workforces, leaders can create a workforce that is both effective and successful for the long haul.


We humans dominate this planet because we are intelligent. Through every stage of evolution we bettered our ancestors, in every way; whether it was language, tools or libraries. We continuously self-improved faster than other species and effectively passed on our knowledge to future generations.

To keep up with evolution, workplaces also must become intelligent, through incorporation of elements that promote continuous self-improvement. Today’s digital workplaces are implementing AI technologies to make this a reality.

A modern workforce demands a modern workplace. Gone are the days of reporting to an office for work at 8:30 am and finishing at 5pm every week day. Workplace is no longer a place we go to. Workforces are increasingly remote, global and operate from wherever and whenever. Information workers amongst all professions are the most that embracing the “do now” culture. People have blurring scopes of work, life and play. It is imperative that we take advantage of this change.

How can your organisation embrace a Modern Workplace? 

A modern workplace has to:

  • Reflect the execution elements of the business strategy
  • Help people self-learn and self-improve so that they can be efficient and successful
  • Allow people to be more independent and work Intelligently
  • Reinforce the brand that your people are part of
  • Allow ideas to flourish, to be heard and to be actioned
  • Empower people to self-train and self-assess their progress
  • Encourage people to become more efficient with their time and relieve the business from repetitive tasks by doing “smarter” allocation of roles and tasks
  • Allow freedom of choice and to capture the imagination of all involved within the brand
  • Create more leaders within the organisation
  • Systemise and optimise processes that work for your people through an intelligent digital platform

Business taking full ownership for these aspects of a workplace is critical. When we take complete responsibility for our workplace, we then earn the right to make the tough decisions to implement what it takes to make it our place of work.

Personal digital assistants for every worker, implemented using conversational Chat-bot technology, is a central part of our Intelligent Workplace offering. We believe in simplified application of technology as a way to increasing adoption and widespread use to improve the collective intelligence of a company’s workforce.

When we looked at technology platforms that are available to make this a reality, Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint jump out as an obvious platform of choice.

Using SharePoint as the centralised hub and base platform for your Modern workplace you can:

  • Build Chatbots to service people 24 x 7 and relieve staff of mundane, repetitive tasks
  • Build user dashboards as entry points to empower users with tailored information, action or kick off workflows and get to desired information quickly
  • Centralise, share, manage (version control), collaborate and search files and documents
  • Use OneDrive to store, connect to and share files and documents managed in SharePoint
  • Facilitates offline file and document access
  • Files and documents are backed up to the cloud by default
  • Build Apps (Process Optimisation)
  • Integrate all your backend systems
  • Build informative, departmentalised Intranets
The Modern Workplace platform we propose will :
  • Maintain a client-centric business and a consistent Customer and User Experience
  • Allow people to work smarter and more efficiently (onsite and remotely), but not comprise on quality and importantly your work culture
  • Systemise processes, but provide value and maintain the current culture
  • Look into what parts of the group where your business have to manage growth
  • Ensure tools allow an integrated transparency in to the business
  • Allow ease of collateral generation, sharing, collaboration and management
  • Encourage people (IT, Business, Users, Customers) to be more self-sufficient
  • Allows for transparency of process and data, allowing the business to make rapid decisions and act on data presented real time
  • Provide Deep integration and configurability options while drag and drop/low code customisation
  • Ensure there is lots of material to support to using the chosen tech stack

At jeylabs group, we have people that work on different time zones, different public holidays, some weekends, on planes, during in-between vacations and even do 2 hour work days. While this type of work mode is not suited to everyone and we don’t expect everyone to do this on day 1, We do encourage people to think differently about their work day. We encourage our staff to take charge of their work and figure out the best ways to work it out.

Recently one of our offices started to try out 100% working from home as a way of working. This is a major benefit to those staff who travel long distances to work every day or staff who stay in the cities for work away from their families. While working alone and working from home are not easy to pull off over a long period of time, having these options make people enjoy work and get more out of their lives on a daily basis.

Time is the only limiting factor across the world. Everything else can be negotiated. If we can do more of what we love we all be very happy. If we can live life and make work to  facilitate that then we all can become more happier.


We believe every enterprise can make this happen for their people. Every business should build modern digital intelligent workplaces for their workforce for this reason alone. And it is worth it.

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