How to systemise and save over 75% of admin time?

Are you a business owner looking to scale your business? it is critical to reduce admin time and any non-revenue generating tasks as you scale and grow your business. As the last thing you want when you accelerate is for the wheels to come off the wagon.

I am a business owner and tech entrepreneur. I am conscious of the value placed on my fellow entrepreneurs’ time. I don’t believe adding people for admin or continuing to use manual and paper based processes help scale a business. It is a waste of your precious resource – time. You are better off automating mundane tasks for good.

Time is just the first thing and the most valuable thing that you need to protect and make the most of. Although proper Systemising of a business goes beyond helping you get back your time.

Business owners can take back over 75% of their admin time by following a few simple steps. Systemising and optimising a business’s processes can lead to better monetisation of its resources as well.

Paper based and manual processes still account for most of the time wasted in a typical small business. There are also very many partially digitised processes that still rely on people to print, sign, scan and send paperwork in time to complete.

This reliance is resulting in waste of time fixing errors and effort following up. Ensuring the documents are filled out properly and accurately also results in a lot of frustration. Any efficiencies gained by the partial automation is lost in the inefficiency resulting in the rest of the manual steps.

Think about the delays in closing deals, the impact of payment delays on your cashflow and the reduced productivity eroding your profits.

jeylabs specialises in automation, integration, migration and modernisation of business systems. We have helped many customer achieve positive net efficiency gains through selective automation.

We built GetSignature to help businesses owners execute agreements fast and close deals quick. This patent pending secure eSignature solution provides end to end automation of signing, witnessing and collaborating on contracts and electronic documents for business owners and their clients.

On average GetSignature customers have saved over 75% of admin time chasing paper. There are no more follow ups or looking for that contract you signed months ago. Every part of the document is get filled in properly, initialled or signed correctly and on time. This is due to the way the documents are setup and the signing workflow is automatically managed for you.

GetSignature provides for automation of sending your company branded documents for signature to many people with a single click. Using the dashboard you can keep an eye on the actions and activities on your most important sales deals.

GetSignature has an electronic folder system to securely store your signed documentation which can be searched instantaneously. Our customers choose us because we deliver efficiencies fast.

Why not signup for a free trial at and experience it for yourself.

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