Would you code using Notepad?

Would you code .NET applications using Notepad? No.
So, why would you test K2 applications by hand? 🙂

I have professionally programmed in the glorious days of Emacs and I know what I am talking about. I was also lucky enough to learn Test First Design and Automated Testing in those early days of my career.

Working with many customers who were struggling to deliver projects on time forced me do something towards resolving this recurring problem.

What came out of my experiences was PowerToolz. I am focused on using K2 technlogy to solve many enterprise problems. I realised the pressing need for an effective and comprehensive automation tool for K2 applications. So, I built PowerToolz to automate K2 app testing, troubleshooting and management.

While talking to our team recently, Gary asked me “What would I consider as the key feature of PowerToolz ?”

Check out my answer in this Video and you will never test K2 manually again.

Use PowerToolz to automate K2 and accelerate your success! http://PowerToolz.com.au/

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