Do you email your personal information?

Believe it or not, there is a lot of personal information being sent via email, every hour.

This is the main reason behind the increasing number of fraud and cyber attacks we read about. There are plenty more ransomware attacks that nobody speaks about.

FACT: Internet is not secure. Email is not private.

This means when you send any sensitive information via email it is highly likely to be stolen.

FACT: Over 90% of all cyber attacks use sensitive information leaked from emails. 

Sending emails that contain address, date of birth, passport number, bank account details, etc is simply asking for trouble.

Email can be intercepted and read by attackers and will be used against people and businesses.

Everyone is busy and under pressure at work. In the heat of the moment, we may choose a short-cut and send over a document without thinking twice. However, ignorance is not bliss. It creates so much pain. We all must become very aware of the consequences of sending these harmless emails. They actually cause a lot of harm.

Typically an e-sign solution allows for documents to be uploaded and signatures to be placed on them.

You can add signers to a signing request and they get an email invite to sign. Once the signing is completed everyone gets a final copy.

Since these documents are usually sensitive and have people’s signatures on them, sending them as regular PDF attachments via emails, (means the whole world can see them) does not rest well with me.

This is very dangerous in today’s cyber world.

Providing a solution to capture signatures on documents can’t just be about getting the signatures.

We can and should do more. We have to make this more secure. We have to make it very convenient and we have to also make it more affordable.

jeylabs has filed for a patent to change this sorry situation. We have come up with what we call Personal document protection technology. This helps encourage the easy and automatic use of encryption to protect your most important documents.

Unlike other popular, careless and expensive solutions, GetSignature doesn’t send plain emails. 

When you receive documents from GetSignature they are encrypted with your own Document Protection Password.

Check out how GetSignature is helping you protect your important document and sensitive information at

Why would you ever send over documents with your personal information via email without strong encryption?

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