Still on the fence about online?

With vaccination rates increasing and governments look to move away from zero cases and snap lockdowns, the re-opening to a new normal is in sight. Many will want to continue working from home in the new normal and the likely exclusion of the non-vaccinated from offices will further add to the uncertainly in work patterns. The growth of online shopping during the pandemic and especially in 2021 has exceeded expectations and has the appearance of a major long term consumer pattern change.

An online business offers their target customers options to transact virtually and brings them closer to the brand.

With the right online setup, anyone can have their local business still operating during a lockdown and many did manage to do that. In the new normal, doing business online has many benefits.

Take a florist for example, if their products and offers are made available online, and people are able to pay and track their orders online, customers will still choose the florist to send flowers to their loved ones, regardless whether they are physically purchasing at the shop or not.

If you are a services based business (business services, fitness, yoga, etc) and if you have the right setup with online bookings and payments, then your staff can provide consultations remotely and still generate revenue without physically shaking hands with customers.

While not every aspect of all businesses can be brought online, with innovative thinking you can create an online revenue stream and develop a satisfied customers base.

Think about all the things individuals, families and other businesses used to do and how those activities had to shift and change to ride out the pandemic.

Whether it is renting, buying property, school sports competitions, GP visits, kids’ birthday parties at the local shopping mall, weddings at great halls or corporate events and team offsites, all had to be changed in many ways.

While we adapted to these changes, we will figure out new and different ways to do things and even not to do things the way we used to. There truly is a massive opportunity for entrepreneurs to think differently and make their business not only survive but also thrive challenges like these.

For sometime to come, We will have to work with Social distancing, mask-wearing, check-ins, vaccination passports, quarantine and expensive travel arrangements. All these have to be dealt with somehow. That requires tools, services and potentially new and improved business models.

Jeylabs shifted our business to a SaaS offering with our secure eSignature product and monthly billing options for services to help customers manage their cashflow better.

We are helping customers build better online businesses using the latest of cloud technology to ride out the pandemic and come out the other side as a thrirving business.

If you are looking for some help getting your business to thrive online, please email us at

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