How GetSignature is making a positive impact on the real estate industry?

GetSignature is a Melbourne based e-signature startup and we have recently helped many clients in the realestate industry achieve efficiency gains.

Important Transactions that occur within realestate industry are about getting signatures on documents. Be it a rental application, authority to sell or a contract of sale, these all need to be signed and also witnessed. These signatures are crucial in enabling people to move business transactions forward and help people take their next steps towards realising their hopes and dreams.

With a pandemic still prolonging, the way of getting physical signatures on paper documents to do business caused a lot of challenges to all parties in running Realestate businesses. Even associated companies such as law firms, accountants, building managers, brokers and bankers had to face roadblocks and bottlenecks.

Using an electronic signature/digital signing solution can remove all these problems. It can increase the speed of work and enhance information security. Moving to digital signatures can allow for further integration into other systems and help the real estate industry run more efficiently across the whole supply chain.

We recently work with the rent roll broker helping them tackle these challenges by moving them to a sophisticated online process quickly by integrating with GetSignature.

Last mile signing on paper has been eliminated. No need to print or scan or post these documents. Their security is enhanced using military grade encryption, audit trails and backup.

“We recently moved to GetSignature after some time with a “leading” solution.
It has document encryption and is so much more secure.
We love that it is an awesome product. Give it a go.” — Chris Goodway, The Rent Roll Broker.

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