How to get sign-offs, quickly and safely?

When working remotely, It is paramount that you get approvals and decisions made fast.

FACT: Internet is not secure. Email is not private.

This means when you send any sensitive information via email it is highly likely to be stolen.

FACT: Over 90% of all cyber attacks use sensitive information leaked from emails. 

When you are sending or signing important documents, it is critical that you encrypt them using a document protection password that is private to you.

You also need to ensure these approvals are obtained securely. 

GetSignature is built from the ground up with security in mind. We encrypt everything.

We pioneered the use of a Document Protection Password. 

Unlike other popular and expensive solutions, we don’t send plain emails. 

When you received documents from us via email they are encrypted with your own Document Protection Password.

GetSignature uses MFA from day one. 

Our focus is on security, privacy and then functionality.

With our data centres hosted by Amazon in regions local to you, we perform super fast and also respect data residency requirements. 

Our serverless architecture supports an infinite cloud scale.

GetSignature also works in compliance with legislation such as GDPR, NDB and CPS 234. We are also committed to ensuring ongoing adherence to other standards and vetting processes.

GetSignature offers some unique features to make your experience simple, efficient and enjoyable.

GetSignature plans start at $6 per family per month. You can get a 7 day trial at Now!

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