How best to utilise digital signatures in your business?

Quite often business documents require input and sign off from multiple people. If your business is large then you will routinely require many people across multiple departments to review, agree and sign off on quite a few documents.

By implementing digital signatures, your business can improve the speed and efficiency it takes to sign off on day to day business approvals.

Given the sensitive nature of the information often found on the documents that require legally binding signatures, it is critical that you employ encryption to protect these documents. You don’t want this information to fall in the wrong hands. Nobody wants to have plain data exposed in breach events like the solarwinds saga.

If we take the example of a new staff member joining your business, depending on your company’s operating procedures, there will be many steps in getting them productive on day one.

This is due to the various steps required to get them setup properly on systems, giving them access to devices, completing appropriate safety briefings and onboarding training.

All these require forms to be filled (address, contact details, banking details, next of kin data, medical information, etc), reviewed, approved and sometimes physically signed off and even witnessed.

It is not surprising that, even for consultants and highly paid contractors to take weeks to become productive at large organisations. In a tough economy, no business can afford to wait long for new staff to become productive.

By automating business processes using a workflow management system or a secure cloud esignature solution such as Melbourne based GetSignature, your business can 10X your new staff productivity.

By removing paper based sign offs, the relevant supervisors can easily approve any part of this process with a single click, whether they’re working from a remote location or on a mobile device.

Digital signatures can accelerate the entire process and make it a lot simpler for you to provide the right things for the new worker on their first day. First impressions last forever.

GetSignature’s digital signing is legally binding and reduces delays. It will enable your line managers to review information, sign and even witness as part of an integrated workflow.

Using GetSignature you can automatically keep a comprehensive audit trail of which request was approved, by whom, and when. This increases visibility & compliance. It also helps reduce fraud.

Annual leave, sick leave, expense claims, performance reviews and even employee off boarding processes can be fully digitised using GetSignature. You can also integrate GetSignature with Nintex, K2, UiPath, Microsoft and many other systems using our APIs.

GetSignature also has obligation management features that allows you to effectively deliver signed contracts.

Check out GetSignature today. We are an Australian business hosted in various regions around the globe.

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