Is Different Better?

It has been several weeks since the acquisition of K2 by Nintex. We can see a flurry of activity at many levels. Customers and Partners are being briefed and the K2 website content is getting hosted on

It is great to read this article by Nintex recently on how they will be evolving post-acquisition. I blogged about What to make of the New Nintex hot on the heels of the announcement of K2 acquisition and to read this message from Nintex is certainly comforting.

We will never leave you without a clear path to success

We will be transparent and open about future plans and impacts

We will always be available to answer any questions or concerns

–Zoe Clelland & Jason Trent, Nintex

2020 has been a year that changed many things and I will remember it for this acquisition. Things will be different for sure. We remain optimistic for 2021 and the evolution of the toolset that we worked on with passion for over a decade.

jeylabs has released updates to our PowerToolz suite as a direct response to the K2 acquisition. We are bringing new integration and migration capabilities to our toolset to help K2 customers work well with Nintex. We are also evolving our capabilities to serve the now much larger Nintex customer base.

Bring on 2021! Happy holidays everyone!! Stay safe.

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