Making your move to Nintex a breeze

PowerToolz Workflow Transformer is getting an important update. It is enabling the transformation of Visio, K2 and Microsoft PowerAutomate process definitions to Nintex Promapp.

Back in July, we released the Workflow Transformer to enable the transformation of Visio diagrams into K2. We also noted the ability we have in supporting multiple process formats due to the flexibility of the design. You can move back and forth between various process formats without losing information.

With the recent acquisition of K2 by Nintex, there is a requirement for customers to have a choice to move between these process platforms.

Promapp in action

Nintex Promapp provides Complete business process mapping capabilities in the cloud. With its visual process mapping it encourages company-wide collaboration. You can also implement process automation using the Nintex workflow cloud very easily once you have your processes mapped in Nintex Promapp.

There is also a growing need for Power Automate users to move to Nintex. With the upcoming release of the Workflow Transformer, jeylabs is able to assist customers to move from Visio, K2 and also PowerAutomate environments to Nintex Promapp easy.

PowerAutomate to Promapp

The ability to seamlessly move back and forth with confidence between various process definition formats such as Visio, K2, PowerAutomate and Nintex Promapp will increase the opportunities for customers to access sophisticated automation capabilities fast.

Transformation of K2 to Promapp

We are looking forward to this release. If you are interested in checking out the capabilities in development, please send us a note to

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