Securing your PII is simple. But, are you doing it?

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All cyber-attacks exploit personal information often leaked via email. Hackers use your information against you in carefully crafted social engineering attacks.

While the internet is free for everyone to join and use, it is equally open for people with malicious intent to leverage. The data that is transferred across this vast public network is not always encrypted. Which means it can be read easily by “others”.

On the contrary, the darknet that is used by the baddies is pretty secure.

A determined attacker will find a way to break in. However, still sending information as “plain text” in this new decade is pretty lame. Application-level or user-level encryption is not negotiable. It is essential for everyone’s safety.

Avoid being a victim of a costly cyber attack.

If you ensure your e-signatures are secure and your documents are encrypted, you are less likely to become a victim.

Personally Identifiable Information (PII) must be kept strongly encrypted at all times. is taking this very seriously and offering you a simple solution to protect the important documents that you sign. It also allows you to secure your signature and other information.

Explore the plans on offer. Take a free trial and see it for yourself.

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