Product Release: PowerToolz Workflow Transformer

Today, jeylabs has released a brand new product as part of our flagship PowerToolz suite – PowerToolz Transformer.

PowerToolz Transformer brings a whole new set of capabilities that can transform how customers work with the new K2 platform classic 5.4.

PowerToolz Transformer is a Workflow transformation tool. It reads process definitions from Visio diagrams and transforms them into functioning workflows in K2.

A new App Engine forms the core of PowerToolz Transformer’s capabilities.

The App Engine generates and maintains the App Model – Human Readable, “Uber” definition of a workflow application – that can be transformed into K2 workflows.

In this release, the App Engine is able to read Visio files and BPMN notations. Future releases will support additional process definition formats.

The App Model created from Visio files can be then further enhanced by user input. App Model can be visually manipulated, many properties can be configured and the XML definition is editable.

An App View and K2 Viewflow are generated by the tool to provide side by side workflow visualisation and comparison.

App Model is finally saved as a KPRX file for consumption by K2 toolsets.

  • PowerToolz Transformer helps you transform your BPMN process diagrams in Visio into the new K2 platform classic workflows.
  • You can go from Visio to the K2’s modern infinite process designer canvas fast.
  • You can Transform, Visually Manipulate and Save a business process definition.
  • Don’t need to stare at a blank workflow canvas. Let’s help you get a head start.
  • Save time and resources by automating workflow creation from Visio diagrams.
  • Use AppModel to manipulate, edit and enhance workflow definitions with ease and speed.
  • Visualise the workflow in AppView and K2 Viewflow before saving into K2.

We are very excited by the numerous possibilities this innovation creates for the K2 ecosystem. Please head over to PowerToolz website and check out the offering.

We love your feedback. Visit and download an eval now.

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