Workflow Transformer is coming

As K2 celebrates its 20 years of innovation at the K2 FastFWD virtual event this week, jeylabs is also marking the occasion by announcing our continued commitment to innovation in the K2 space by way of a new product.

This is the 12th year of operations (and continued global technology alliance partnership with K2) for jeylabs. We have been a leader in the K2 automation space since 2009 with the advent of our flagship PowerToolz product suite.

Beginning our journey with our Tester, followed by Workflow Converter, Analyser and then the Administrator tool, we are now bringing a new tool to life called the PowerToolz Workflow Transformer.

Building on the familiar PowerToolz platform, the Transformer tool will bring new capabilities into the hands of the K2 customer.

PowerToolz Workflow Transformer enables the K2 customer to convert Visio process diagrams into K2 Five 5.x workflows. It will also allow other workflow process definition formats to be converted to K2 Five 5.x.

This transformation exercise is an interactive experience that puts the power of the process truly in the hands of the user. Configuration and editing interfaces accelerates the two way transformation process. You are no longer limited to a single tool or file format as the Transformer allows you to move freely between the choice of your tools seamlessly.

Initially, PowerToolz Transformer will read BPMN diagrams from Microsoft Visio (.VSD) files and convert them to K2 Five 5.x Process maps.

We intend to support reading of process mapping formats such as XPDL, promapp, AppLang, SysML, etc.

PowerToolz Workflow Transformer will be released on 1st July 2020.

You can Pre-order PowerToolz Workflow Transformer for 50% discount at

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