Are your staff coping well with working remotely?

The COVID19 pandemic has caused unprecedented change to our lives. Schools are closed. Businesses are closing. Staff are forced to work from home. Events are getting cancelled.

How are you setup to deal with this new reality? Life must go on and we all have to adapt.

All our staff are working from home. We use technology to collaborate and to stay in touch. We have implemented a daily ritual to help combat stress, loneliness, helplessness and isolation.

We do this in small groups on a daily basis and with the whole company on a fortnightly basis. So far the feedback on this ritual is very positive. It keeps our teams together. It promotes well being.

If you would like to know what we do, please reach out to us and we are happy to share our daily ritual with you. It can also help your business.

If you need assistance equipping your business with the right technology to enable efficient remote work, we can help. Contact us via

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