COVID-19 impact – Chatbots and RPA to the rescue

Covid-19 has already started affecting our lives in many ways.

When you have a workforce forced to work from home and have to be collaborating using technology more than ever, it creates a completely different environment.

This is not what you always had. This is sudden and the world is already in panic. So, this changes your customer experience drastically.

What happens when people only call you or email you all the time? Think about the call waits. We cannot have that usual face to face meetings anymore? More video calls with more people more than often is going to be a reality. Your call volumes will go through the roof. You need to mange the impact of this on your people and their physical and mental health.

Chatbots are a wonderful piece of technology that can handle high volumes of interactive standard set of queries that you deal with on a daily basis as a business.

Personal digital assistance can help keep you calm in the chaotic months that are coming for all of us. Work load is going to increase with our colleagues having to take time off directly due to the virus. We all need some help. A digital assistant is more than a blessing.

If you don’t have a bot solution in use, contact us for an offer which can help you solve this problem now. Email us at

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