There is a way to Create Time and you don’t have to be God.

Human creativity can be unleashed only when we remove the shackles of time. Time is a very precise and limited resource. The only way to gain more time is to delegate tasks and activities that are boring, mundane and repetitive to reliable non-human workers.

Every industry, every enterprise and even the public sector can improve their workforce productivity when they apply a software bot-based digital assistant augmentation strategy to their primary workflows and routine activities.

A digital worker is disciplined like a marine. These are dedicated software bots that serve you diligently. They execute your process exactly the way you instructed them to do, exactly when and where you want it to. These digital agents also don’t get tired. They don’t get bored. They may crash at times but hey there is always that reboot button 🙂

Humans deserve to have digital assistants or even a small army of bots that can faithfully complete tasks for them 24x7x366. This is what every workplace is going to look like in the near future. We call them Intelligent Workspaces.

Architecting such Intelligent workspaces that cater to increased expression of human creativity and robotic productivity is not easy. It requires careful selection of the ideal provider and the underlying automation platform. You also have to ensure the final solution actually meets your unique business needs and exceed your expectations.

Enterprises should look beyond the basic capabilities of executing repetitive, rules-based processes. They should consider the ease and user experience only after they have automated 10 or so business processes. You can go deep into a business unit or wide across the company.

The implementation of Intelligent Workspaces should allow for seamless integration with all other existing systems to avoid any disruption to existing business as usual activities. As for the programming effort needed to configure or train the software bots, organizations already have bright and motivated employees that are Experts in their workflows.

If you focus on scalability, analytical abilities and training support to ensure rapid development, deployment and sustainment of the intelligent workforce you will win.

If you look at pricing, The subscription-based pricing models offer the best option to procure an enterprise-ready bot platform where software agents are added as needed (as additional processes are automated). Procure the capacity you need and increase it as your consumption increases and automation program evolves.

When it comes to analytics, a robust provider will be able to collect specific workflow metrics and generate an analysis. The development of your bot trainers’ capabilities should be generated with well-trained staff or third-party trainers who have easy access to the vendors’ training platform and a community of users willing to collaborate on challenges in an open and professional manner.

Consider small scale projects to take one or two processes through the lifecycle of training, deploying and sustaining a software robot. Consider the efforts where you automate the same process to see for yourself the difference in the software development interfaces, understand the controlling software and allow your time to assess the software on the existing IT infrastructure. Take advantage of a free trial to see how the solution works firsthand.

Given sufficient training and a quality provider, seamless integration is both effective and profitable. Digital Assistants built using software such as UiPath Robotic Process Automation platform ( are agnostic to the type of work they perform. They are trained and self-improved by the software. While there are implementation costs involved, leveraging RPA reduces costs internally and generates a significant increase in ROI. This technology can be leveraged to manage any repetitive, high-volume activity and is consistently showing a positive return in 6 months.

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