Do you know the Dangers of today’s electronic document signature offerings?

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Have you used any of the numerous e-sign solutions out there?

I have been using electronic signatures for over a decade. I have played with many of the popular and emerging tools out there in this space.

I love that I don’t need to print or scan documents to place my signature.

In fact, I don’t have a scanner or printer anymore.

Typically an e-sign solution allows for documents to be uploaded and signatures to be placed on them.

You can add signers to a signing request and they get an email invite to sign. Once the signing is completed everyone gets a final copy.

Since these documents are usually sensitive and have people’s signatures on them, sending them as regular PDF attachments via emails, (means the whole world can see them) does not rest well with me.

Frankly, I think this is very dangerous in today’s cyber world.

Providing a solution to capture signatures on documents can’t just be about getting the signatures.

We can and should do more.

We have to make this more secure.

We have to make it very convenient and we have to also make it more affordable.

So, I and my team at jeylabs set about doing just that, and we have released an evolved software as a service electronic signature solution aptly named, GetSignature.

Please check out

I warmly welcome you to give this a go – we have free trials available – and let us know how we can up the ante.

We are bringing out further innovations fast with 6 pricing plans.



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