Moving to K2 Five (5.x) is a LOT easier than you think!

The Best Practices Based Upgrade To K2 Five (5.x) Has 3 Distinct Stages

The PowerToolz suite is designed to help you to upgrade to K2 Five (5.x) easier with quality assurance and peace of mind.

Stage 1 – Pre-upgrade test baseline, analysis and planning
PowerToolz Tester empowers you to build a test baseline on all your K2 4.7 apps. With random power script generators, you can quickly create test scripts across all your apps in its original working guise, allowing you to re-test once the K2 Five (5.x) upgrade is complete.

PowerToolz Tester for K2 4.7 and K2 5.x

PowerToolz Analyser helps you take stock of your K2 4.6.11 or 4.7 Workflows by giving you valuable insights to what can be automatically converted and guides you through what will be required for the rest of the Workflow upgrade process.

PowerToolz Analyser for K2 4.6.11 and 4.7

Stage 2 – Upgrade & QA / validation
Time to run the upgrade to install the new version of the K2 software. After your upgrade, how do you ensure everything still works as before and better? By using saved power scripts created in your 4.7 environments, PowerToolz Tester is used to re-test & troubleshoot applications, ensuring the same, if not better, quality assurance as your pre-upgrade environments.

Stage 3 – Convert Workflows & QA / validation
We now have to convert your legacy workflows to be editable in K2 Five (5.x). This could be a painful and manual task. No more the case with PowerToolz Converter, as it helps you with the automatic conversion of your Workflows. The wizard-driven interface reports on Workflow conversion outcomes, guides you through what needs to be manually configured, and creates saved K2 Five (5.x) version to edit and deployed when ready.

PowerToolz Converter for K2 Five (5.x)

Using power scripts previously saved, with adjustments to your Workflow power scripts, PowerToolz Tester allows you to re-test with saved test scripts, ensuring quality assurance is regained post your Workflow conversions.



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