Are Robots the key to our Evolution?

Complexity has been increasing since the birth of our Universe. From nothing, everything came to be. The universe is one and all, as the energy that we are, came from, and part of, this Universe.

The possibility of a Multiverse is increasing as science untangles the mysteries of how did it all started and what will happen as the Universe expands. Lifeforms seem to have been engineered to evolve and become more and more complex in our ever expanding Universe.

We all have that inner voice which directs us to seek peace. We yearn for that calmness in our souls. We want to feel connected and understood. We want to contribute and be a part of bigger things. Humans are the only species we know of, who can communicate the emotions of love, the meaning of our worlds and our imaginations to others. As an intelligent species, we are also working to optimise our lives and become better at what we do and how we live.

The concept of a constant of time, the fact that it is limited, and it is the same amount available to everyone in a given day, is the next big thing, I predict that, we will break through. Whether it is Time travel or something completely new, we already seem to have been making great progress on that since the Stone Age.

Whether it is physical tools, language, techniques and expansion into territories, we have made massive progress. Invention of Cars gave us the choice of freedom. The power to go places was the ability unlocked by the ownership of mass market automobiles. Planes allowed us to Travel far distances faster. The Internet allowed us to do communicate and collaborate in an instant. Partnership between humans and machines is what took us to the Moon and We are now hoping to colonise Mars.

I sincerely believe that, Working Intelligently is crucial to our inner peace on Earth. That is why I am motivated to assist people and organisations optimise their business.

RPA – Robotic Process Automation – has the massive and immediate potential to break business users free from the shackles of Time. RPA can really help people to work intelligently. RPA can assist people not only automate a task at hand and do that faster. It can help people focus on the outcomes they are seeking at work on a daily basis. RPA can help elevate people to the next level. As organisations continue to deploy RPA and go beyond the current Automation First era, Software Robots will enable businesses across the globe to evolve to the next level.

At jeylabs, we promote Intelligent workspaces as part of a modern workplace to customers. This includes personal digital assistants to every information worker. Chatbots are already a big part of this. Keen to learn about how you can evolve your business to the next level with RPA? Check us out at:

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