How are you Innovating?

What can you do to move your business to a higher level? Is there anything you could do today with the current state of technology.

Could the application of smart technology at your workplace,
Give you a competitive edge?
Give you cost reductions?
Give you risk reductions?
Give you access to freed up resources?
Give you back time?
Give you peace of mind?
Give you accelerated success?

We know it can.

This is mankind’s relentless pursuit of execution excellence.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is all the rage and for very good Reasons. Instead of continuing down the beaten path of building rule-based systems, you can now enhance them using AI and give your apps self-learning capabilities. Sounds like science fiction? Well, it is a current reality.

Instead of rebuilding or reconfiguring systems in a reactive mode, as business processes change and get challenged, your systems can truly become proactive because of their new learning abilities.

AI has very valid scenarios of application. Many enterprises have applied AI and have achieved some incredible outcomes.

Is this the right time for you to also embrace AI? And if so How best should you approach it?

Cloud has made it easy and efficient to access AI.

Machine learning has reached a point that, it is possible to train the machines with good quality, labelled, data sets and that their predictions can be ingenious and more accurate than humans.

NASA has a supercomputer that is flying around the globe (installed at the ISS) that is programmed to be autonomous.

Boston Dynamics has been building specialised robots with advanced mobility, agility, dexterity and speed.

We have been teaching machines specific things for a while now and boy they have learnt spectacularly well and are ready to serve us better in those specialised domains.

Some emerging areas of the potential application of AI technology for many of our customers are in the natural language processing, real-time translation, conversational, image/text and pattern recognition problem domains.

Areas where your ERP and backend systems hold a lot of historical LOB data is particularly good for applying AI. Good AI needs loads of data to train on.

jeylabs has implemented AI technology for internal use since mid-2015. We also partnered with reputable vendors in 2014 to bring AI technology to our customers.

We have implemented chatbots as interactive interfaces for our operational systems. We have a web bot, Skype bot and a Facebook messenger bot. I use them on a daily basis to find out the status of workflow items, action tasks and kick off business processes.

We have leveraged sentiment analysis in our marketing and customer support systems. This allows us to keep tabs on our brand’s reputation.

We have enhanced our Accounts payable and Expense claims processes by using AI. It gives us more of exactly what I have called out process intelligence in the past.

The benefits realised by us are around accurate data entry, better workflow routing, smart decision making and progressive improvements in recognising business activities and responding to them with far more insights than ever before.

Take a typical IT help desk, for example, historic reporting on the trouble tickets will tell you that perhaps the most requested calls for assistance were password resets and account lockouts. This could be now handled completely by a simple chat session powered By a natural language processing AI engine.

It can free up your resources from repetitive, boring and mundane tasks. You now just have to manage things by exception. As an example, if there was a suspicious password reset query. It can be flagged and escalated for human intervention. The AI can also learn from that escalation.

A contract management system may be enhanced with AI capabilities to provide users with suggestions around contract negotiations, proactive monitoring of dependencies and also market intelligence.

How far can you take these solutions? It is completely up to you and your needs. But, you can and ought to start now.

We suggest you play to your strengths and the technology’s strengths.

For example, you can pick those scenarios where there is an opportunity to simplify and enhance your internal staff experiences with chatbots.

Use existing application development or modernisation projects as a way to dip your toe into the AI waters.

We also recommend that you look at a proof of concept first and deploy a pilot to get user feedback before jumping into a full-blown program of works.

That will be your next step.

jeylabs partners with AI technology experts and product vendors to bring you tangible Outcomes.

Contact us via and schedule your Innovation workshop with jeylabs.

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