Why should you keep your low code apps platforms updated?

At jeylabs, we work with low code platforms a lot. We strongly believe that the software platforms update cycles are essential to see the best performance and optimal user experience of your investments on them.


Typically, when an update is released, the following are addressed:

Security Vulnerabilities get patched
First and foremost, updates will keep you safe from known security holes, not always in the product but maybe in the frameworks utilised or the Server operating system that the software runs on.

Better Functionality gets introduced
Updating your software will frequently provide enhanced capabilities, improved user experience and improvements to the underlying architecture of the software bringing improvements in the efficiency of OS resource usage and consequently improvements in speed and response times.

Bugs get eliminated  
When you begin using a brand-new installation of a piece of software, you gain the highest level of functionality available at that time. As the vendor continues the development of the software and users ask for more enhancements or uncover “undocumented features”, the validity of updates and upgrades come into play, fixing bugs, enhancing features and providing more efficient software.

It is important that the update cycles are reviewed with a keen eye. It is essential to get the best performance and optimal user experience from your financial outlays.

We are able to offer you some incredible offers to assist with keeping your software up to date. Contact us via update@jeylabs.com for more information.

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