3 Stages of Every Successful K2 Upgrade

The best practices based Upgrade to K2 Five 5.x has 3 distinct stages. Our PowerToolz suite is designed to give you the acceleration of success at each of these 3 stages.

Stage 1

Pre-upgrade analysis and planning: PowerToolz Analyser takes stock of your K2 4.6.11 or 4.7 environments. PowerToolz Analyser gives you valuable insights as to what you have and help you really understand the level of complexity of your environment and the upgrade process.

Stage 2

Upgrade: This involves installing the new version of K2 software and then, more importantly, converting your legacy workflows to the new format. This used to be a painful and manual task. No more the case with PowerToolz Express as it helps you with the automatic conversion of your Workflows.

Stage 3

Post-upgrade validation: After your upgrade, how do you Ensure everything still works as before and better? PowerToolz provides you with Test automation, troubleshooting and admin features to set up regression test scripts and benchmark your performance.

Do you want a smooth upgrade to K2 Five 5.x? Take advantage of the PowerToolz suite for K2. Visit https://powertoolz.com.au

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