PowerToolz Analyser is coming soon!

Author: Jey Srikantha

Our customers love the Analysis and comparison features found in PowerToolz. We have been constantly asked to make it available with even more power. You spoke loud and clear and we have listened. All Analysis features found in PowerToolz and some new abilities are being made available as a separate tool called PowerToolz Analyser.

Being part of the PowerToolz family of tools makes Analyser familiar and easy to use. It will provide valuable insights and help you make decisions fast with confidence.

Knowing what you have in your environment is essential. Taking stock is an important activity. It helps you understand what you have and quantify your process automation capabilities. Doing this periodically and benchmarking it against standards help you improve your business automation capabilities.

PowerToolz Analyser will provide valuable information to help you prepare for upgrades and implementing changes to your K2 applications. It also helps you benchmark the quality of the application configurations against current industry best practices.

PowerToolz Analyser can be run on any K2 4.7 environment to prepare and plan for your K2 Five upgrades. PowerToolz Analyser will provide estimates around workflow conversions to K2 Five 5.2 from legacy K2 workflow process definitions.

We look forward to this release.

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