New K2 Connect for SAP is Available!

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K2 has just announced the newest releases of K2 Connect, which helps K2 apps to consume SAP BAPIs as SmartObjects.

K2 Connect 5.1 is compatible with K2 Five (5.0 or 5.1) and provides a number of enhancements and bug fixes. Read more at

ERP Connect is an adapter that enables applications like K2 connect for SAP to connect with LOB systems like SAP. This application is a 3rd party application, supplied by Theobold Software. It is an installation prerequisite, and must be installed prior to installing K2 connect for SAP. Without this application no communication with an SAP instance will be possible.

jeylabs has been assisting SAP customers get more value out of their SAP investments. We do this by leveraging our partnership with Theobald Software. This involves connecting ChatBots, Mobile Forms, Workflows and more to SAP with ease.

Read more about our Integration solutions for SAP here.

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