What If You Can Drive Effective Customer Journeys using Bots?

jEyLaBs and IXOM have been experimenting with the use of Chatbots within the context of the enterprise.

IXOM is a leading industrial chemical manufacturer based in Melbourne. jEyLaBs is their application development partner and both have jointly won the Nintex Customer Solution Innovation award in April 2018.

At the Digital Workplace Conference being held next week in Melbourne, Gary Sasse from jeylabs and Rick Kukwa from IXOM will jointly share their learning and present an interesting case study for how and why Chatbots can enhance enterprise user experiences; and why does it matter?

This session will cover back-end and process automation platform integration experiences. You will see how the latest tech from our Partners Theobald, Nintex and our own innovations by jEyLaBs such as conversational software bots, AI, NLP and ML were utilised within eForms, SAP and Enterprise Helpdesk scenarios to achieve incredible customer outcomes.

Join us for an interactive session to learn and apply our tips and tricks to your next projects.

Join us at the #DWCAU

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