Food for thought : Are you automating your Processes Intelligently?

Join our upcoming Lunch & Learn session with Nintex on June 13th in Melbourne.

jeylabs has been heavily invested into the enterprise process automation market since our inception. We entered into a partnership with Nintex last year in Australia to take our business process optimisation offerings even further.

Our teams of consultants have decades of Workflow, Forms and process automation expertise. We are now ushering in the next wave of Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) with Nintex.

IPA is an approach to digital transformation and process automation which:

• Empowers line of business employees to quickly automate processes with no code tools that are trusted by IT.

• Puts emerging technologies, such as machine learning (ML), natural language processing (NLP), and deep learning at the forefront of process automation.

• Provides insights that facilitate the ongoing optimization of processes.

As a system of intelligence, Nintex Workflow Cloud learns from automating and optimizing workflows as they run over and over again each day.

This can help you optimize your business processes and drive the business forward into the future.

Even though we’ve been talking about digital transformation for nearly a decade, 68% of business processes remain highly manual.

When you dig into why so few processes are automated, it’s clear that the true obstacle to digital transformation is a constraint on IT.

Despite best intentions and true commitment to the endeavor, there simply aren’t enough hours in the day to optimize the numerous processes across the enterprise. IT can’t just do it alone anymore.

jeylabs helps solve this problem by deploying low/no code platforms and extending them with our smart solutions.

Nintex is simple, point-and-click workflow that connects every person, department and system inside or outside of your business. jeylabs helps companies automate business processes on Nintex intelligently using AI.


Contact by 5th of June to secure an invite to our upcoming Luncheon on 13th of June to learn more about how Intelligent process automation can help you accelerate business success.

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