Why seated massages are the best perk?

At jEyLaBs we offer weekly seated massages to our staff. Both our city offices and Bundoora LABS are visited by our corporate massage service provider MASSUGO.

Why we offer this to our staff?

Well, There are some serious benefits reported of regular 15 minute seated massages at work. Check these out.

1. Reduced stress levels

Stress levels measured before and after each massage at some of the studies conducted by researchers found one of the biggest benefits of seated massage therapy to be stress relief.

2. Reduced muscle tension and pain

Back pain is literally cut in half with regular corporate chair massages. Apparently a decrease of 48% was recorded in studies on back pain and tension.

3. Improved sleep

Over multiple studies, the average improvement in sleep quality was 28%. That includes increased duration as well as fewer sleep disturbances for workers who had massages.

4. Lowered blood pressure

Across multiple studies, researchers found that there was an average of a 6% drop in blood pressure.

5. Prevention of RSI

On staff doing repetitive movements, weekly chair massage reduced the occurrence of repetitive stress injuries by 37%. This is great for information workers.

6. Increased immune function

In the studies on immune function, the good cells of the body perform 35% better as one of the benefits of corporate chair massage, and this is especially true for auto immune and inflammatory illnesses such as rheumatoid arthritis.

7. Increased focus and mental clarity

After massage sessions, employees in studies showed increased alertness, speed and accuracy on math computations.

We are excited to be providing this perk to our staff at work. Reach out to MASSUGO and book your corporate massage.

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    MASSUGO Pty Ltd

    Thank you jEyLaBs, we appreciate the positive feedback and endorsement of our corporate massage service. We enjoy being the preferred provider of relaxation and optimum wellbeing for your valued employees!

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